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Change The Way You Rent With Style Theory’s In-App Stylist

You scroll endlessly to browse thousands of styles, occasionally clicking to ‘Save for later’, or maybe ‘Add to box’. 30 minutes in, you might have seen more than 1,000 outfits, but nothing caught your eye. We feel you. Scrolling through 40,000 styles can get overwhelming with hundreds of brands to choose from, thousands of different colours, silhouettes, patterns to consider. 

Finding the one from the Infinite Wardrobe with your in-app stylist


Why waste another second wondering if you can pull off balloon sleeves, or if that dress really flatters your body shape? Our in-app stylists cut down on browsing dilemmas and get to what you need, when you need it! Here’s how our stylists can help you make the most of your membership:

#1 Personal Shopper
Difficult dress code? Get expert style recommendations and save time from second-guessing. 

#2 Style advisor
Need ideas on pulling off a new trend? Discover new ways to mix and match with styles from the Infinite Wardrobe.

#3 Fit recommendation
Unsure about the fit? They’ll suggest the best size based on your body shape and measurements.

All you need to do is tell them your preferences, or the dress code you’re trying to solve for your next party, and voila! Your stylist curates a dedicated wishlist collection on the app based on what you need or love. Skip the mindless scrolling and simply pick what to rent next from the curated wishlist! 


Perks of consistently building your in-app wishlists

Don’t let the fun stop! Continue adding hearts to styles you love after your in-app styling session. This helps our algorithm to learn and improve your renting experience:

  • Easily find what to rent next without searching for an outfit from scratch
  • Get accurate in-app style recommendations under Your Daily Curation based on your wishlisting activities 

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Chat with our stylists on the Style Theory App today!


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Chat with our stylists on the Style Theory App today!”


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