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Wishlists 101: Wishlist like a Pro on the Style Theory App

Here at Style Theory, we’re all for changing the way people dress and see fashion. Gone are the days of splurging on impulse purchases, because you can now rent designer pieces exclusively using Style Theory’s app. From more than 40,000 fashion choices, you can choose your top picks and narrow them down to fit your monthly Box. 

You may ask though – how exactly do I sort my favourites among thousands of items listed on the app? Our simple answer: use our wishlist feature to start the fun!

To access and maximise your wishlist on the Style Theory app, simply press the wishlist icon from the shortcut options at the bottom of the screen. Here, your collections will be sorted according to different categories. You can even personalise your own collection by adding a category!

Click on a category and start browsing to build your collections of your favourite apparel.

Save time

We know that renting without a ‘cheat sheet’ and navigating through thousands of apparel can be time consuming, so wishlisting your top picks can help! Keep an eye on your favourite styles by adding them to your collections, so you can easily revisit them at the end of the day instead of endlessly scrolling just to find them again. 

Call first dibs on your favourite styles 

What if the dress that you just picked from your weekend collection is out for rent? Style Theory’s Instant Swaps feature allows you to claim first dibs on styles that are not available for renting at the moment, so you can quickly add them to your next box once they become available again.

Choose the best fit

Determining your best fit can get a little bit tricky especially with hundreds of designer labels and cuts available for renting. Choosing pieces that will best flatter your silhouette is not a one-size-fits-all process, so we designed a cool feature that lets you pick styles based on your real measurements! 

To choose your best fit, just input your measurements on the app and filter your favourite styles based on our size recommendations. Our Fit Assistant feature will help you save browsing time by eliminating items that are too small or too large for your body type. 

Get personalised recommendations based on your wishlist

Now comes the fun part! For every item saved in your collection, our app will recommend styles that you are most likely to rent the next time you enter our Infinite Wardrobe. These pieces will appear on Your Daily Curation collection, which you can easily check anytime you want to choose styles for your next box. 

Access styling tips from our in-house experts

Not quite sure about what to pick for your weekend party? Get instant styling advice by using our chat feature. Our in-app styling experts will guide you based on what you need! Just tell us your concerns and we’ll be your fashion fairy godmothers.

Get rewards for wishlisting

Now that you’ve built your collections sans the endless scrolling, it’s time to get rewarded! Add the first 100 items to your wishlist and get points that you can redeem in exchange for rewards that are exclusive to our monthly Members. 


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Ready to wishlist? Build your collections and get rewarded by hearting your favourite items on Style Theory’s app! Not a Member yet? Download the app here. 


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Ready to wishlist? Build your collections and get rewarded by hearting your favourite items on Style Theory’s app! Not a Member yet? Download the app here. 


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