How To Wear Yellow Without Looking Like A Lemon

Not all of us are style chameleons. Not all of us can pull off siren red lipstick, yellow blazers or olive green jumpsuit with ease and confidence. Yet, it is also the lack of trying that makes us more fearful to try new styles or incorporate new colours into our style rotation.


One of the most feared colours for many of us with fair to medium skin tone and warm undertone is yellow. Yellow could make you look sallow if you don’t know the right shade of yellow or the complementing colours to yellow. But if you learn how to inject the jubilant yellow into your wardrobe, imagine the new looks you can sport or trends you can explore!

Here are 3 ways you can incorporate yellow into your next Style Theory box:

Wear 20% Yellow – Prints

If you’ve never tried yellow, you could inch your way towards prints with yellow details. We love the whimsical factor that yellow brings to any print and detail!

lavish-alice-asymmetric-hem-split-maxi-skirt-1 (1)


Wear 60% Yellow – Co-ordinating pieces

You might have considered wearing that yellow dress, but you couldn’t bring yourself too. Why not wear it with something complementary? That could be a yellow top with a white skirt, a yellow dress with a statement printed jacket… The combinations are endless! Rent a yellow co-ord with your favourite wardrobe pieces, or even better, rent different yellow co-ords to create 3 different outfits!



Wear 100% Yellow – Solid monochromatic

You’re all or nothing! Wear yellow with the confidence as you do with your favourite LBD. Yellow can do wonders as it’s often associated with happiness, passion, and vibrant energy! We love to go all out with yellow dresses and statement pumps in the wildest colours! Just don’t pair yellow with more yellow, even if it’s a different shade.

cameo-magnetise-short-sleeved-dress-1 (1)


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