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How To Style White Sneakers

Like how every wardrobe has a little black dress, every shoe wardrobe has a pair of sneakers–be it a low cut option or chuck taylors. We’ve all been through the sneaker phase and a classic pair of white sneakers is the one wardrobe necessity that you should have. 

Sneakers have become a staple in street style as well as on the runways. From sleek trainers to chunky sneakers, they come in all sorts of iterations. One thing’s for sure–white sneakers will never go out of style; we all love and have one, simply because it’s comfortable and easy to pull off! 

But versatility has its limitations when it comes to a one-style-fit-all-occasion situation. It can be a hassle pairing white sneakers with the appropriate outfit, save for black-tie events! So here’s how to make your white sneakers the go-to shoe for any occasion–from everyday outfits to your next RSVP event! 

#1. Work

Sneakers are comfortable for that hustle on-the-go lifestyle if your workplace allows for casual wear or smart casual wear, your weekend-only sneakers are pretty great to have around. For ease of matching, white sneakers are the perfect canvas as they set the base of your outfit palette and not steal the limelight for your main outfit or jewellery.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: TWILIGHT MIDI DRESS by TALULAH

Opting for low cut sneakers will shift the look to more casual wear at work than a pair of high cuts would, but it retains the fact that you’re ready to take on any task thrown at you! Pair it with a sturdy work bag and you’re ready to take on the week. 

#2. Weekend

If you’re someone who spends the weekends out more than at home, white sneakers are your must-have option. You can be comfortable regardless of where you are–cafe hopping or browsing the stores, they’re great to have on. 

From the Infinite Wardrobe: DAHLIA MIDI DRESS by THE FIFTH LABEL

You may ask, what if I want to look dressy and stay comfortable? Pair high cut sneakers with a maxi dress to elevate the look. It’s a great look for a day at the museum or high-tea without compromising your comfort!

#3. Travel

When travelling, it’s inevitable that there’ll be a lot of walking and a lot of photo opportunities. This is why it’s important to achieve both comfort and style with your outfits, with an added bonus of hands-free travel (pockets in dresses, am I right?). White sneakers, being a trendy staple, goes well with most effortless travel styles! Talk about incorporating three important factors when travelling — comfort, chic and convenience!  


Whether you’re overseas for work, events, or leisure, but a pair of simple white sneakers will never fail you. Pair it with anything from a slim tote to a chunky backpack, there are definitely no limitations. Because of its simplistic look, you’ll have the chance for more colourful outfits and accessories. 

#4. Event

Have a wedding or party to attend? A pair of white kicks might not be the first shoe that comes to mind when deciding what to wear., however, with the right pairing, you’ll still look put together and ready to impress. 

From the Infinite Wardrobe: VICES MIDI DRESS by CAMEO

White sneakers add a cool, sporty touch to a dressy outfit, which is great if you don’t want to look too girly. For more formal events like weddings, elevate the dress-and-sneaker combo by wearing them with a long dress and an elegant, statement bag.

Chic and comfortable – what’s not to love? You’ll be swapping your heels for sneakers in no time.

It’s never too difficult to match a pair of white sneakers with the looks you’re going for. All you need is some confidence and experiment with new styles without the commitment. So have fun trying and rocking your looks!

Rent from the Infinite Wardrobe and enjoy unlimited fashion possibilities!

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