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How To: Pull Off Red Without Going Over The Top

Red bags are full of personalities–they’re bright, bold with elements of fierceness and confidence! It’s not an easy colour to carry but it’s plentifully enjoyable. With National Day just around the corner, some of you might be itching to pull off that bold red look while some of you are avoiding the colour at all cost–not wanting to look tacky or over-the-top.

While most may feel wearing red is a look that’s too patriotic or gaudy, it is actually a vibrant colour to play around with, so why not join in the fun?

Slinging on a red bag doesn’t mean you’re demanding attention. It’s important to pair red with other colours to bring balance or complements. Besides, there are many shades of red to play around with! Here are a few of our favourite hues to explore with a variety of colours–monochrome, complementary green and white for a bold statement. 

#1. Berry 

A berry red is bright yet retains some factor of a cool undertone. 

Bag of Choice: Celine Nano Luggage (Join the Waitlist to rent this)

  1. Monochromatic: Pair a berry-red option with a similar shade of red, like in a long sleeve fit-&-flare dress that you can take from work to dinner
  2. Complementary: With a cool undertone, the Nano Luggage would be great to pair with a teal green one-piece–dark with a hint of blue in it. 
  3. Statement: Nothing speaks louder than the bag itself. So if you’re looking to go bold, the pinkish hues will stand out with white as its canvas.  

#2. Wine 

With hues of blue and purple within this colour, wine red is no doubt on the cooler shade of the spectrum. 

Bag of Choice: Chanel Boy Medium (Join the Waitlist to rent this)

  1. Monochromatic: Wine red looks great with burgundy-coloured clothing or you can opt for a slightly lighter shade to balance the strong purple hue. 
  2. Complementary: Like the berry red, this bag can be paired with a cool green for a complementary look–teal or emerald pieces. 
  3. Statement: We decided to keep the white factor constant to let the bag stand out but synchronise the lines on the dress with the bag for a clean look. 

#3. Brick 

Now, warm reds are equally pretty to wear around. A bright brick red with a slight orange hue is a bag you would want to have around on days you feel fun and energetic.

Bag of Choice: Gucci Soho Disco (Join the Waitlist to rent this)

  1. Monochromatic: Brick red can come off loud so pairing it with a dress of a similar shade–preferably a textured one as it’ll show depth and definition.
  2. Complementary: To balance out the orange hues, you can opt for a mint green dress. It’ll bring out the brightness without it being overwhelming.
  3. Statement: If you’re a fan of wearing bright items, the white will keep a clean cut between the colours and flatter the red even more. 

#4. Scarlet 

One of the most intense shades of red, it’s almost impossible to downplay it or wear it subtly. If you’re up for wearing this, you’re not afraid to go for bold statements.

Bag of Choice: Loewe Puzzle (Join the Waitlist to rent this)

  1. Monochromatic: Keep the shade but go for a fun slip dress with little white details, that way you’ll still keep the monochrome and balance out the brightness!
  2. Complementary: A fun khaki green will be a perfect pairing for this warm red.
  3. Statement: We feel a great fit for this geometrical red bag is a simple plain white asymmetrical dress, it’ll keep the look chic and punchy. 

We always love a good red look. If you’re up for it, you might end up finding something that pleasantly surprises you! Don’t worry and give it a try. 

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