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How To: Perfect The Beige Look In 3 Ways

Beige is the new chic trend for the season! It has been seen walking the runways and dominating the streets, so why not give beige a chance in your styles. 

What used to be dreary is now something everyone tries to experiment with. Beige may not the easiest neutral colour to play around with–we totally understand if you’re worried about walking the streets looking like a bench. But, with the right palette of earthy tones, you’ll probably end up turning heads with a chic and sophisticated ensemble!

Here are a couple of ways you can create a beige look that’s street and stylish at the same time:

#1. Match It With White

Like YoYo Cao, better known as yoyokulala, you can pair a beige jacket with a darker beige or brown top and finish it off with white bottoms. The contrast of a white bottom softens the earthy tones while not drowning it out. We love this look for its classy street style, and its easiness to pull off! Rent any brown top or jacket to match a pair of white pants that you might already have.

We recommend finishing the look with a bag that’s a lighter shade of beige. You can work it with a top handle, like theMulberry Top Handle Tote, or keep it cute with an itsy Chloe Minaudiere Bracelet Bag.

#2. Monochrome

If you’re feeling bold, try experimenting with a full monochromatic beige look. Go for a lighter shade and a simple one. Too much texture will have you end up looking too gaudy, so keep it light. 

Take your look up a few notches by adding little details in your accessories. For us, we recommend going for the Chloe C Double or Fendi Kan I. The detailed letterings on these bags will give your monochrome look the depth it needs.

#3. Belt It

Sometimes wearing a full beige jumper or dress highlights no shape to your body, which can be frustrating. To pull off a jumper or dress that isn’t fitting, cinch it with a belt! It’ll define your waist as well as lengthen your silhouette. 

A small beige clutch or a crossbody bag will be ideal for this look as you don’t want to drown in the colour with a large, slouchy bag. Go for something simple and structured like the Saint Laurent Envelope Chain Wallet!

It’s pretty simple to pull off a beige look. With many different earthy shades to play with, it’ll be fun to rent and experiment finding a shade of beige that suits you! 

Afraid of the careless pen inks, scratch marks or food stains on your rented beige bags? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Simply add Style Theory Care on to your subscription at $10/month to have your bag covered. Style Theory Care enables you to rent worry-free by guaranteeing that you never have to pay more than SGD 75 on repairs for fair wear and tear or minor mishaps.Do note that irreparable damages and loss of bag arising from theft or misplacement is not covered. 

You can look for more information on Style Theory Care here. So go ahead and rent worry-free!

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