How To Pack Light For Your Next Resort Getaway


What’s your primary worry when it comes to planning a quick resort getaway?

Not enough reviews of the vacation resort to be sure of your booking?
Concerned about overpacking and being charged overweight luggage fees?

Let’s make all that less of a hassle for a spontaneous getaway and help you get into that vacay mode, stat. Here are four things to remember when you plan your next resort getaway:


Pack Light #1: Rent your resort wear from the Infinite Wardrobe

Going for a quick getaway trip can be as easy as add, collect, and go. No, not just on that travel flight booking app but more of, adding vacation designer styles you want to take on your next trip in a few simple clicks on the Style Theory app. You can even plan your getaway designer OOTDs with the Infinite Wardrobe!

Pro Packing Tip: Save time picking when picking what to wear. When browsing the collection, add your favourite styles to build that Wishlist. It’s easier to add your 3 pieces from the Wishlist than sift through 20,000+ styles and reviews!

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Pack Light #2: Sunscreen isn’t just for the resort and the outdoors

Yes, taking care of yourself during a trip takes high priority, but even the well-prepared traveller might overlook the one major safety precaution: wearing sunscreen in-flight. You’re more exposed to the sun’s harmful rays than you may realize, so layer on that sunscreen.

Pro Packing Tip: Go for travel size sunscreen and moisturiser duo for that easy reach-into your tote. No tote? Rent chic resort shorts functional pockets!


Pack Light #3: Poolside Survival Kit

Here’s what on our list: Sunglasses, paperback book, our favourite Spotify resort playlist, iced tea, and good vibes.

Pro Packing Tip: Pack your survival kit in a clear pouch to see if you’ve missed out anything, and make sure it’s waterproof. You never know when a photo op might happen, so make sure you have your fun sunnies around at all times!

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Pack Light #4: FEASTivities 24/7

Eating local delicacies is part of the fun of travel. But too often, it’s easy to overeat. That’s normal to indulge during your travels sometimes because your body actually has some protections against increased food intake. But you could make it easier on your body by taking it easy with high-sodium options and all too sugary drinks.


Pro Packing Tip: Your body will boost your metabolism when you gain a few kilos so give your body to readjust after vacation. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating. Instead, browse the Infinite Wardrobe and rent rompers that’ll be easy to roll into your luggage and save space instead of renting separates. Choose pieces that have a waist tie in case you want to get comfortable after the meals!


Rent new looks from the Infinite Wardrobe for your next resort getaway!


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