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Beat the Morning Rush: How to Get Ready in Under 15 Minutes


There are morning people, and then there’s everyone else. If you’re anything like us who’ve transitioned into adulthood (a.k.a. grinding a full-time job and longing for the weekends), then you know exactly what it’s like to want to stay in bed much longer than you should, before dragging yourself up to primp and prepare for the day.

In truth, morning is a precious time that can be as blissful or as insane as you make it. Because we understand both sides of you, we’re here to help you master the tricks of getting ready in under 15 minutes inspired by Jaime, the founder of The Paper Bunny, who juggles between being a full-time mom and an entrepreneur. Check it out and get cracking!

1. Plan your outfits the night before

If you only have 15 minutes to get ready, picking your outfit and packing your bag the day before means you can just jump into your outfit and still feel beautiful and less flustered. On top of that, pick one-and-done outfits that are quick to pull on in the mornings. That means no fussing over tying ribbons and wrap tops! 


Jamie: “Planning my morning outfits with Style Theory helps me because I can save so much time and energy on washing and ironing  letting me focus my energy on what’s important!

2. Don’t hit snooze

Jamie: “I’ve recently learnt that crawling back into bed to try to catch another 10 minutes of sleep always leaves me even more tired after.

And she’s right — when you let yourself fall back asleep with every snooze, you’re confusing your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, and you’ll end up with sleep inertia, which makes you feel groggy and exhausted throughout the morning.

3. Put the screens away

Don’t distract yourself with your WhatsApp messages or your social media feed. Most importantly, don’t stress yourself out by opening those work emails — save them for when you’re in the office!

Jamie: “I have a spot of quiet for myself which I treasure very much, where I get ready and prepare my head and heart for the day ahead.”

4. Make use of every minute 

Multitask, multitask, multitask. If you need your morning caffeine as much as we do, pop a coffee capsule in your Nespresso machine while you brush your teeth. Once you’re done with your pearly whites, you’ll have a fresh cuppa waiting and that rich aroma to jolt you awake!


5. Make best friends with your dry shampoo

There’s nothing more time-consuming than spending a whole 15 minutes wrestling with your hairbrush and your hairdryer. Skip that hair-rowing ordeal by blowdrying your hair the night before, and spritzing dry shampoo in the morning to boost your roots. Frizzy flyaways? A little bit of hairspray and a touch of hair oil on your ends will do the trick.

6. Simplify your makeup routine

Opt for double-duty products in your makeup routine. You’ll save precious minutes using an SPF-rich BB cream, swiping your bronzer over your eyelids and cheeks, and dabbing on a lip and cheek tint. That’s 3 products doing the work of 6! If you simply don’t want to wear makeup or if you don’t have to — more power to you!

7. Streamline your exit

Leave your keys, wallet, purse, bag, and breakfast near your front door so you can just grab them on your way out. You’ll never be sprinting around the house looking for things again.


Set the course for more productivity throughout the day by starting your morning right. While it can be daunting to overhaul your routines all at once, simplify your current routine and introduce one new productive practice every two days! Find out more about productivity tips for the #girlboss from our co-founder, Raena.

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