How to Find The Right Fit on the Style Theory App

One of the most important elements of dressing up is how well a piece of clothing fits. With hundreds of designer labels on the Style Theory app, we understand that it might be difficult to find the right size that fits you like a glove on the first try.

Did you know? You could be a size M or a size S depending on the designer label? Your best bet is to start with your measurements and we are here to help! Keep reading for a complete guide on finding the right fit in the Infinite Wardrobe:

Step 1: How do I measure myself?

Before you can select the best size on our app, you’d need to have your own body measurements in hand! To get the right measurement you can refer to our size guide video to learn how to measure your bust, waist, and hip by yourself.

Tip: If you’re a Style Theory Member, you might’ve received your own Style Theory measuring tape in your first box!

Step 2: How can I add my measurements into the app?

We need your body measurements to provide accurate recommendations for you.

In the app:

i. Select “Profile”

ii. Select “Style Profile” and “Apparel”

iii. Input your

  • bust
  • waist
  • hips
  • height
  • weight

Once you’re done with that, we highly recommend you turn on the Fit Assistant feature in “Settings”.

Step 3: How do I turn on the Fit Assistant?

In 2018, we developed our in-app size algorithm so you can find the perfect fit across 200+ designer labels. And we’ve constantly been updating this algorithm based on the thousands of collected reviews over time to make sure that it’s as accurate as it can be! 

We know how frustrating it is when browsing in a multi-label boutique or departmental store, and that’s why we added sizing recommendations that act as your personal fit assistant without the banter and sales talk.

Read More: How to Use the Fit Assistant

Step 4: How do I find clothes based on my measurements?

Spend less time going through 20,000+ styles by browsing with our smart filters. Our smart filters suggest styles according to your measurements and not by size labels, so you only see what is available and fits you well. 

In the app:

i. Select filter on the top right corner

ii. Select either “All in My Size” or “Available in My Size”

iii. Select “Apply” and start browsing the styles available in your size!

Which size should I pick?

Unsure of which size to pick? The Fit Assistant shows you which size might be too loose, too light, or just right!

If you’d like to see the detailed measurements across an item’s sizes, check out the Size Guide, located right beside the size offerings on each product page. 

Remember: you could be an XS when selecting from one designer, and a S when selecting from another — so use your measurements!

Here, you can find the exact garment measurements of each item. We recommend comparing garment measurements to a similar item you already own to see what will work best for you. 

Need more information on an item? If the item has reviews, you can check out how other Members with similar measurements to yours have rated the item’s fit.

Here’s how to refer to customer reviews:

In the app, located between the item’s name and the Size Guide, is a rated review section that you can tap into for more detailed reviews on the item’s fit. You’ll be able to see how other Members rate the fit on their bust, waist, hips, and the overall length of the item. 

We want you to rent every style you like for any occasion, without the worry of fit and size.

Still unsure? Our team of in-app personal stylists and customer service experts can answer all your questions on sizing, fit, or product details. Simply click this link here, and we’ll help you out!

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