How It Works: Style Theory Unlimited Apparel Subscription

Style Theory is our version of Netflix-for-fashion where subscribers have the option to rent different designer outfits, 3 pieces at a time, at a monthly subscription fee, and you can swap the items you’re renting at your convenience, anytime. The crowd-favourite Unlimited plan is great for those who don’t want to worry about what to wear tomorrow, yet want to ace the look every time.

Instead of buying a new designer dress or blazer, you can simply rent them for as long as you want to. That’s an unlimited number of dresses for $129/mth (promo: $99 for your first month).

So how does the Unlimited Apparel subscription work?


Our app-based fashion rental service makes it easy for you to browse from 25,000 designer outfits, from sizes XS to L! It’s the same as window shopping or browsing on online shopping sites, nothing new or too difficult!

1. Browse the Wardrobe

Browse the Infinite Wardrobe in 3 ways:
A. Browse by curation on the featured page: Our Stylist team picks out the top styles for the weekly thematic curations, and sometimes, our Women Of Style Theory share a selection that they are currently eyeing on. (1)
B. Browse The Edit: Whether you prefer the romantic, quirky, minimalist or androgynous styles, there’s a great selection picked by others who rented similar styles, ratings and reviews, and matching style profiles to better determine your next picks based on your personal style and style quiz results.
C. Browse the New Arrivals: Find the latest additions to the Infinite Wardrobe stocked in the New Arrivals curation. Not only will you find a mix of trendy pieces and crowd-favourite styles, you’ll also be find new designers quite quickly from the New Arrivals section.
Alternatively, you can also select “BROWSE” and go through our categories and item types by our smart filters. Want to find a blue long-sleeve power dress for your upcoming office presentation? Select ”Occasions: Power Up’, and filter your selection by ‘Colour: Blue’, ‘Sleeve: Long’, and other necessary filters like hemline, neckline and size. (4)
Our subscribers get to tap on our fit algorithm and size recommendation score to rent the best fitting outfits. Unlock this feature when you subscribe with Style Theory.

2. Wishlist Your Favourites

Like most browsing sites, it’s easy to save what you love to access them easily again. It’s definitely more helpful to wishlist styles you like from the Infinite Wardrobe and not go through the individual collections whenever you want to rent. (2)
Simply build your wishlist collections when you heart the styles you like and addd them to your custom collections. Changed your mind? Simply click the heart icon again to remove them from your collections.
Some popular collections curated by our super-subscribers:
  • Night Out
  • Travel-inspired curations:
    • Bali
    • California
  • Brunch
  • Celebrations

The wishlist collections are entirely personalised by you; easily add or remove different styles, whenever you feel like it!

3. Add To Box

Found 3 styles you like to start with? Get your credit card, you’re ready to subscribe.

Simply download the app and fill up your personal details to successfully subscribe. You’ll be able to add 3 pieces to your box and schedule a delivery date right after.





Choose between the Starter, Unlimited, and Pro Apparel Subscription plans for your needs.

Starter Unlimited Pro


  • Unlimited designer styles
  • In-app size recommendation tool
  • Free dry-cleaning
  • Cancel anytime
  • New arrivals added weekly
  • Loyalty points and rewards
  • Free two-way shipping



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