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How It Works: Style Theory Bags Restore

Whether you’re an Earth-loving conscious consumer hoping to minimise your “buy-and-throw-away” habits, or a designer bag lover looking to give a well-loved bag a facelift, restoring your designer bags is one of the perfect ways to extending the lifespan of the bags you hold dear to your heart.

Designer bags are made to be timeless — handcrafted with the highest quality that’s made to last a lifetime. As much as we try to take great care of our closet’s masterpieces, there comes a time when you’d need to breathe new life into your designer bags.

Introducing Style Theory Bags Restore, a designer bag restoration experience like no other.

Since launching our designer bag subscription service in 2018, we’ve been working with our restoration partner, Kaya Leathers, to ensure that all 2,000+ designer bags on our platform are kept in excellent condition after every rental. 

After building our expertise and facility over the years, we’re now opening our studio doors to all designer bag lovers to help you restore your designer bags back to life!

What services does Style Theory Bags Restore provide?

Our industry-leading restoration experts excel in three main services — stain reduction, colour touch-ups, and leather edge restoration. We use cutting-edge tools and premium materials to pamper your designer bags because frankly, they deserve nothing less.

Stain Reduction

Looking to get rid of water stains, pen ink marks, or lipstick smudges off your leather bag? Don’t go into a panic rubbing harsh detergents onto your leather bag — we’ve got just the solution for you.

At our studios, we encounter stains and marks like makeup, ink, food, and glue stains quite often. To reduce these stains, we use various specialised cleansing agents to gently yet effectively lift stains right off your designer bag. 

As stain reduction depends on the bag’s material, existing condition, and how long the stain has set in, there are cases where certain stains can’t be removed without compromising the integrity of your bag’s material — be it leather, fabric, suede, or nubuck. In such a case, the next best approach is a colour touch-up service to cover up the stain’s appearance.

style theory bags restore stain reduction before afterstyle theory bags restore stain reduction before after

Colour Touch-Ups

Improper storage or frequent use can subject your designer bags to harsh UV rays, humidity, and oxidation, causing your bag’s leather colour to dull, fade, or even oxidise into a more yellowed shade. 

Then, there are the inevitable colour transfers — be it from dye transfers from a new pair of jeans, nail polish marks, or from other garments. Once dye penetrates the leather skin of your bag, it’s near to impossible to remove it with a mere swipe of a wet cloth. 

To restore colour to an area of your bag, our experts carefully hand-mix a custom blend of water-based acrylic paint that is airbrushed and blended seamlessly to the surrounding areas to conceal surface blemishes and then, sealed with a layer of coating.

style theory bags restore colour touchups before afterstyle theory bags restore colour touchups before after

Edge Restoration

Frequent use of your favourite designer bag might lead to the leather edges wearing off or cracking, leaving the raw leather exposed. Not only does this compromise the durability of your valuable designer bag, but it’s also not a great look! 

Edge coating is a type of finishing which protects the edges of the underlying leather. To protect the underlying leather, our experts carefully buff away cracked or compromised edge coating, and meticulously hand-paint layers of edge paint for a smooth new coating that’s both beautiful and long-lasting.

style theory bags restore leather edging restoration before afterstyle theory bags restore leather edging restoration before after

Water-Repelling Treatment

Caught out in the rain, or prone to accidental spills? The last thing you’d want is water stains or brittle leather on your designer bag. 

Our water-repelling treatment involves multiple coatings of industry-standard hydrophobic treatment that protects leather surfaces from moisture, while perfectly preserving its look and feel.

Water-Resistant Leather Before and After

Which restoration service package is right for my bag? 

Choose from our suite of five service packages such as the Repel, Refresh, Revive, Redefine, and Renew. All our service packages include a pampering prelude of cleaning, hardware polishing, and protection treatment, before your selected specialised service.

See our service menu for small leather goods and designer bags below to find out more:

Style Theory Bags Restore Small Leather Goods Service Package Menu
Style Theory Bags Restore Designer Bags Service Package Menu

How does Style Theory Bags Restore work?

Our hassle-free 4-step process means you’ll enjoy doorstep pick-ups and returns, as well as updates on your designer bag along the way.

Step 1:
Fill up our form with details of your designer bag, and we’ll arrange for a doorstep pick-up.
Step 2:
We’ll pick up your bag on your requested date. After assessing your bag in our studio, we’ll email you the final quote within 2-3 business days, along with an e-invoice for payment.
Step 3:
Once payment has been confirmed, our team of experts will begin servicing your bag with updates along the way.
Step 4:
After your bag has been restored, we’ll arrange for your bags to be returned at no additional cost, along with before and after photos!

Ready to restore your designer bags?

Simply visit us here to get started now.

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