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How It Works: Personal Styling with Edits by Style Theory

We all want a wardrobe that inspires us, but the reality of what we have is quite the opposite. Have you ever felt stuck in a fashion rut, where you’re left standing in front of the wardrobe, feeling frustrated?

There’s only one cure for fashion fever, and that’s a good style doctor (a.k.a. a personal stylist!) who can prescribe you the perfect remedy to your dressing woes. 


Why do I need a personal stylist?

Why waste another second wondering whether or not you can pull off balloon sleeves, or if that dress really flatters your body shape? Personal stylists help cut down on shopping dilemmas and get to what you need, when you need it!

Introducing Edits by Style Theory, a premium styling service that’s built to take the guesswork out of your styling equation.

Personal stylists aren’t just for celebrities or socialites with over-the-top outfits and extravagant budgets. Our service is built around the dressing struggles of everyday women who want a well-constructed wardrobe that flatters them in every way. 

At Edits, we want to make a premium styling service that’s personal and easily accessible to you. By tapping on our collection of preloved designer styles from international labels, adding unique finds to your dream wardrobe has never been easier.


To us, our human touch is the winning ingredient for personalisation. With every style box you order, our stylists celebrate the intricacies of your style by checking all your boxes and helping you to explore styles that lay a little outside your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised at what you can pull off! 

How does it work? 

Our hassle-free 4-step process means you’ll enjoy doorstep delivery and returns, and a brand new shopping experience like no other. 

Step 1:
Take a style quiz and tell our stylists your preferences, size, and budget. Pro-tip: Feel free to share your favourite fashion inspo on Pinterest or Instagram! 


Step 2:
For a $15 styling fee, sit back, relax and receive a style box of 5 preloved designer pieces thoughtfully curated by your personal stylist. 

Step 3:
Take as many as 3 business days to try on the pieces in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to fitting room limitations — mix and match with your own wardrobe, and have a mini fashion show while at it. Go crazy and have fun! 


Step 4:
Found what you love? Only pay for items you want to keep and schedule a return for the rest at no additional cost. Enjoy a styling fee waiver with any purchase made! 

Watch how our styling expertise can transform your dressing experience in 60 seconds:

Ready for your first style box?
Take the style quiz here to get started now.

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