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Hey, Try This: One Bag, Three Ways

Understanding the functionality of a bag is one of the most common factors before investing in a designer bag.

We all love a bag that serves multiple needs, but some bags are only good for exclusive events or special purposes. Though we’d love to rent the perfect bag, we’re also constantly on the look for one that allows multiple functions and creativity when worn in multiple ways. You might ask why–and when–would you need a bag that can be held multiple ways? Simply put, you live for versatility: bags with multiple options to hold and fit both functional and aesthetic needs.

Functional Needs:

What is your ultimate travel bag? Would it be a utilitarian bag with sturdy straps to wear as a backpack for hands-free shopping? Or would it be the ultimate crossbody or shoulder bag for quick access to your essentials and held closer to your body when travelling in unfamiliar places?

Having a bag that’s carried multiple ways is the perfect choice for travelling or on-the-go!

Aesthetic Needs:

I can’t possibly be the only one who needs a bag that works well and looks good It’s the perfect working relationship; aesthetics affect fashion and fashion affects aesthetics.. Having one bag that fits your lifestyle and looks great is one big step to a  sustainable lifestyle of renting bags.

Three Bags We Love For Its Versatility:

#1. FENDI: Mini Back-to-School Backpack Slate

Fendi – 3

When it comes to switching  between a shoulder bag and a backpack easily, it would have to be Fendi’s Mini Back-to- to School Backpack Slate. It’s such a versatile bag that can be carried with three ways– to carry, including carried by its a top handle if you want to complete your classic outfit.

This option checks both the functional and aesthetic’s boxes needs for me. Personally, I feel this serves as a great traveller’s bag for my short getaway trips too. You can easily access your things like passport and tickets–and when needed, you can convert it into a simple backpack for ease of walking around.

#2. Loewe: Small Hammock Bag Blush Multitone


With its multifunctional form and attractive looks, this is one of Loewe’s most iconic styles. Apart from being carried in three different variations, the look changes with it as well.

Converting it to a top-handle bag showcases different designs of this bag, you can expect fresh looks and character each time you head out with it. Some might even mistake it for two different bags! What I love most is the zipped and patch pockets,  which is great for organisation.

Versatile in both looks and function, this bag is ideal for both work and play!

#3. Christian Dior: Black J’adior Flap Bag in Canyon Grain


If you’re looking for both versatility and class, Dior’s Black J’adior Flap Bag is a shoo-in.

Intricately designed for its multi-functional use, it can be a great shoulder or crossbody bag to pair with when you want to go for a casual party. It’s sleek, understated and the perfect arm candy.

Not feeling it? Convert it to a clutch when you remove the chain strap and you’re ready for a spontaneous dinner, a classy fine dining date or perhaps a wedding dinner. In addition, it’s easy to match this black Dior with anything. Having this bag will be pretty fuss-free for your weekend activities!


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