Here’s 7 Ways to Celebrate Single Life on Valentine’s Day

The day of hearts is going to greet us real soon! Are you among 31% of Singaporeans who are blessedly single? If the answer is yes, we got you. We believe that the day of hearts is for each one of us, no matter if you’re in a romantic relationship or not. It’s so narrow-minded to equalise Valentine’s day with a sacred day only for lovebirds or that it should be celebrated with your lover.

Living and working in a big city can make you feel quite lonely sometimes (or maybe most of the time?), just like what Taylor Swift sang in her 22’s song: “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” You’re single, so you’re free to do whatever your heart desires, but at the same time, loneliness can haunt you. The day can be harder when every time you turn a corner, there is love in the air among couples. Here’s how you could make the most of single life on Valentine’s day so you won’t feel alone and miserable.

Schedule quality time with yourself  

Maybe you got caught up in work, busy climbing that career ladder to make yourself feel good and empowered. Well, take this time of the month to give yourself a priceless gift: quality time with yourself. Whether you’re going to that serene cafe you saved on social media but never got the time to visit or snuggling up while binge watching the latest k-drama, this is an opportunity to pamper yourself. To end the day, try self affirmation by giving yourself a butterfly hug. Try to shut down the external noise and keep affirming: I am enough, I am loved.

Get your endorphins booster

Put the work to boost your “happy hormone”, the mighty endorphins. You don’t have to feel a runner’s high from running to produce endorphins, but simply practicing yoga while soaking up sunshine can also do the job. Helping your body to release more endorphins can make you feel more relaxed and tone down your stress level. So, make time to always move your body or do activities like yoga and massage so your body will feel refreshed!

Laugh together with your social circle  

You don’t have to feel the pang of being alone if you don’t want to. There’s always a choice to reach out to your close friends or have fun with your family. Text your close friends and let them know you want to hang out with them. Set a date and pick a place so it won’t end up being just a plan that never happens. Make sure you treasure the moment and be present with your loved ones when it’s time to meet up with them. Tell them how much they mean to you and how you enjoy the time with them over a cup of coffee. Laugh to your heart content with your friend and tap into your silly side to let it shine.

Power cleaning and declutter  

Having a clean and tidy living space is good for your mental health. Why should you clean your house only when a visitor is coming? You deserve a clean space to boost productivity, help you rest better, and also maintain your well being. Start from making up your bed, then move into vacuum cleaning the floor, etc. If you start to get dizzy because there’s so many things to clean, pause. You don’t need to clean it all at one go. Pace yourself down, okay?

For decluttering, start to divide clothes you always wear vs those you bought impulsively and never wore. Maybe, it’s time to slow down your fashion overconsumption and start making wiser fashion choices with renting. It’s better for your wallet, also gentler for our planet. Have fun while cleaning and decluttering by playing your favourite Taylor Swift’s or Beyonce’s songs!

Feed your soul  

Are you taking care of your well being and feeding your soul lately? If you’re too busy taking care and controlling every little detail of your life until you forget to listen to what your soul needs, maybe now is the time to give it some love. Pick up your long forgotten hobbies or experiment with new ones. If you’re a reader and it’s been a while since you read, instead of scrolling social media to look for book reviews, take a chance to explore a new genre. You might fall in love or find your new favourite book!

Express love languages  

What is your love language? Is it quality time, receiving/giving gifts, word of affirmations, acts of service, or physical touch? On this Valentine’s day, try to pamper yourself with your own love language (but make sure to check on your bank account balance). If your love language is gifts and you like experimenting with fashion, then treat yourself with a financial savvy option: renting. It’s an act of giving yourself a gift without hassle. You can share the love with your BFF with their love language. Make sure you really know it so the love is not lost in translation.

Share the love through kindness 

This month is for sharing the love you had inside of you with other living creatures. There are so many ways to be kind, from feeding stray cats and baking a cake for your relatives to volunteering in your neighbourhood. Giving help doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always giving your money or that it needs money. Whatever your resources are, we believe you can do kindness. Next time, you can try smiling at those little kids, giving hugs to your friends, or even pushing the door for the next person to go through. They said, “Kindness is contagious”, so don’t hesitate to pass it on!

Which one of 7 options above you plan to maximise single life on Valentine’s day? Whatever your choice is, remember that love is not a narrow thing. Just like Natasha Lunn (author of Conversations on Love) said, “That love is what makes us care, connects us to each other and the world. That love is a quest, a promise, a home.” We hope you make the most out of Valentine’s day regardless of your relationship status. Let’s share a bunch of warm love inside of us and nurture them with patience!

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