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Halloween Outfits You Can Rent From Style Theory

Sink your Halloween fangs into this: you don’t have to splurge on your costume this year.

Yes, you don’t have to shop for that costume you’ll only wear for that one party. So hold off spending on costumes or a new outfit; Instead, make it fun with special effects makeup, exaggerated hairdos and wigs, Style Theory outfits, and maybe, a prop or two.

While Halloween outfits are all about adhering to the party dress code and staying accurate to the details to nail that signature look, don’t get lost in the translation. Get creative and be inspired by the Infinite Wardrobe fashion pieces to achieve a stylish yet Halloween party-appropriate look.

Whether you’re inspired by eccentric film families or cult favourites, here are some looks that we love to try this Halloween:

1. Halloween Options for Singles

Geek chic is always popular with a plethora of pop culture references. Rent a white oversized shirt or structured ivory coat to go as Dr Fujita of Maniac (Netflix original series) or Mia (you may or may not need a Vincent Vega companion) of Pulp Fiction!

Beloved filmmaker Wes Anderson’s enthusiasts rejoice. If you’re looking to channel a piece of his iconic style of quirky characters, captivating stories, and bright pastel colours, you can easily find your unique Halloween costume with statement outfits from Style Theory! Whether you want to go as Margot Tenenbaum of The Royal Tenenbaums (mod fashion and cigarette props, anyone?) or Suzy of Moonrise Kingdom with her classic binoculars and convent-girl style, you’ll be sure to find another kindred Anderson and World Cinema fan.

Shop the look:

2. Halloween Options for Couples

Leave that Salt & Pepper combination behind. Go for famous onscreen couplings in instantly-recognisable outfits that bring a whole new meaning to “couple wear”.   

Easiest of all to style would be Baby from the cult dance film, Dirty Dancing. Go simple and casual with her day-to-day resort outfits in a white knotted button-down and knee-length denim shorts, or replicate her dance finale outfit with a simple light pink A-line dress. 

Our next favourite couple options are none other than the Oscar-nominated films for Best Costume Design: La-La Land, and The Great Gatsby. Mia Dolan’s iconic and sweet yellow dress and black tap shoes will look picture-perfect paired with a red wig. Daisy from The Great Gatsby, on the other hand, demands excessive glamour, with an Art Deco-inspired dress, stacked with glitter and jewels. 

Shop the look:


2. Halloween Options for Squads

You know the saying: Two’s company, three’s the perfect Halloween squad. Put together a coordinated ensemble that’s guaranteed to make an entrance at any Halloween party.

Whether it’s matching schoolgirl plaid outfits or ‘90s slip dresses and feather boas, the Clueless ensemble is easy enough to replicate while you’re out rollin’ with the homies. Don’t forget to accessorise with headbands, big hats, and if you like, a thick Valley Girl accent. 

If you’re into goth-chic instead, follow the kooky Addams Family into the dark. Vamp it up with the elegant Morticia in her iconic full-length long sleeved black dress, complete with silky straight hair parted dead centre (no pun intended). Otherwise, go as the preppy Wednesday, with pigtails and a black dress with a high collar. 

Shop the look:


We’ve done the brainstorming for you – now it’s your turn to get up, get dressed, and party the spooky night away. Rent and receive your Halloween outfit in 2 working days with the Style Theory Apparel Subscription today!

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