Getting The Perfect Travel Wardrobe With Drea Chong


It’s really hard to find a balance between keeping my current closet minimal and constantly wanting new clothes. – @dreachong

Andrea Chong (@dreachong) is every one of us. The perennial problem of owning clothes and our financial and space limitations. Not to mention, how sustainable or healthy is that?

Yet, we are creatures of habit who lean to retail therapy for that quick-relief or solution to our underwhelming wardrobe choices. This gets amped to full gear especially when planning for a vacation! Call us crazy, but booking a vacation comes with sartorial dilemmas.

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But there’s a quick (and sustainable) fix to that. Bring back the fun of a quick getaway resort trip or a long-haul flight plan to experience another season when you don’t have to worry about what to wear and focus on the experiences.

Here is Drea Chong’s take on a perfect travel wardrobe for Fall:

Basic Button-Down Dress

I picked a simple red button down dress, which was great for cafe-hopping in New York! I love how the dress has a very fun and casual vibe, while still having a retro-inspired elegance to it with the red and white polka dotted detail. This was possibly my favourite piece because I could totally see myself wearing this back in Singapore’s warm weather as well!



Mixing Prints

I wanted to try my hand at the print-on-print trend! Since I wanted to keep my luggage light, I chose this piece that features two prints in one dress. I love how the mixed print isn’t too loud but has that extra oomph that makes for a head-turning look.



Monochrome Menswear Outfit

This menswear-inspired monochrome outfit has two of the year’s biggest trends in one! Instead of going with a plain taupe blazer to match my pants, I wanted to feature a classic print like checks to add a little flair to this outfit. Coloured checkered pieces are also really big this fall, and though I love to rock a colourful piece sometimes, it’s not always the most versatile thing to keep in your closet, so I loved being able to play with this trend by renting this blazer from Style Theory!



Take a leaf out of Drea’s NYFW style book and rent from the Infinite Wardrobe for your upcoming vacation:

  • do a quick closet detox to know what you actually own–and could be hiding at the back of your bursting wardrobe
  • don’t splurge on a new season-only wardrobe that will only add to your current wardrobe after the trip
  • try trendy pieces that you don’t usually wear in hot and humid Singapore without the commitment to buy them


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