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A Letter From Our Co-Founder: The Bags Rental Membership is Changing!

Dear #Women of StyleTheory

We’re excited to unveil new improvements to our Designer Bags Rental Membership today. Starting 3 Nov 2021, we will be introducing exciting new features such as Instant Swaps (finally!) and Box Rollover that will give you more value and flexibility within your Designer Bags Membership. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are with these new changes!

New Features at a Glance 

Instant Swaps: Getting your outfit change to you, faster

A frequently asked question over the years has been, “Why can’t we return a box and get a new one at the same time?” We’re excited to share that Instant Swaps are now a reality! You can pre-select your next pieces and get them when returning your current box – zero waiting time in between, instant gratification!

The introduction of Instant Swaps represents an important step forward as we think even more critically about the carbon footprint of subscription rental. By consolidating deliveries and returns into one single trip via Instant Swaps, we will reduce our carbon emissions over time.

  • To schedule a Swap, simply select your next pieces in the app, and tap “Schedule a Swap” 
  • Say goodbye to tedious bag reservation via in app chat – add your favourite bag to the box the moment it turns available and schedule a Swap immediately!

Box Rollovers: To provide greater flexibility for your lifestyle needs

Since the pandemic, many of you have shared that the need to dress for work or events have not been as predictable as it used to be, and there had been months where you were paying for a subscription that was under-utilised. 

Our Box Rollover feature lets you carry unused boxes forward into the following month (up to 6 months, max of 5 Boxes at a time) so you won’t have to pay for something that you didn’t use. 

  • All Boxes have a 6-month validity period, (even if you’re on Pause) so be sure to use them before they expire!
  • You can roll over a maximum of 5 Boxes
  • You must have an active Membership to use your Boxes
  • Pro tip: Find a summary of your total Boxes and their expiry dates under Profile > Subscription Details

We’re forever grateful for the support from you and the #WomenOfStyleTheory community — especially those who have been with us since May 2016. We can’t wait to go further together on this journey with you!

Co-Founder of Style Theory

Not a Member yet? Find out more about our Designer Bags Membership Plans here.

Great news, Apparel Members! 

All our Apparel Members can now enjoy the improved flexibility and convenience that the Instant Swap and Box Rollover features with our brand new Membership Plans too! Read more here

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