Find Jumpsuits For Non-Hourglass Figures

What troubles you when it comes to jumpsuits? Do you steer clear from rompers because you think only models can pull it off flawlessly? If you knew the tips and tricks to styling jumpsuits for your body type and shape, you’ll find that some jumpsuits are more forgiving than others!


Take the hassle out of fitting rooms and learn how you can wear the right jumpsuit for your body shape with confidence!

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Jumpsuits for Broad Shoulders

Problem: My shoulders are broader than my hips.

If your shape is the inverted triangle or strawberry (what’s my body shape?), then you’ll want to create more volume around your legs and hips to balance out broad shoulders! Find a jumpsuit with a little shoulder detail or thin straps to show off your shoulders and deep v necklines to draw attention away from your top half and more down the body. Use texture or prints to your advantage! Avoid halter necks as they tend to make shoulders look broader.

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Renata Lace Trim Cropped Jumpsuit by AIJEK

Jumpsuits For Troublesome Arms

Problem: I don’t like showing too much of my arms.

If you have hang-ups about your arms, you don’t have to avoid jumpsuit or romper styles altogether. Try off-the-shoulder styles to keep cool while covering up, or simply opt for long sleeves, especially for evening wear.

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Back To You Print Playsuit by CAMEO

Jumpsuits For Big Tummies

Problem: Pear and apple shape ladies can relate to this–wide. hips.

It’s hard to make the body look proportionate when there’s a little more weight at the torso, so go for an empire waist or baggy jumpsuit that balances the wideness of the hips with the rest of your body. The loose fitting yet styling top (similar to kimono tops) will balance well with the well-fitted bottom part. For baggy jumpsuits, accessorize with simple layering necklaces or thin pendants or choose interesting necklines to place emphasis on the upper part of your body instead.

bcbgeneration-culotte-denim-jumpsuitedit-1 (1)
Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Culotte Denim Jumpsuit by BCBGENERATION

Jumpsuits For Long Legs

Problem: I don’t know how to play with proportions.

Show off your long legs in a cute romper–the shorter version of jumpsuits. Choose a romper with an angled hem to perfect the illusion. If you prefer jumpsuits, choose skinny leg styles that are close to your body.

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Autonomy Playsuit by CAMEO

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Jumpsuits For Chunky Thighs

Problem: I have thick thighs and look shorter than I really am.

The irony of deemphasizing your chunky thighs is that you have to go wide–with wide-leg jumpsuits. A high rise and wide leg will balance your large bottom and a cropped wide leg will also elongate your legs too! Culottes styles are popular to create the illusion of slimmer thighs though you can play it up with interesting hem styles like scalloped edge or ruffles too.

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Mandy by SAYLOR

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Jumpsuits For Petite Frames

Problem: I want to look taller.

Accentuate your petite frame with full-length body-hugging jumpsuits. The full length will make you appear taller and the body-con outline will highlight your curves and tiny waist.

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Moe Jumpsuit Blue by JOVONNA


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Jumpsuits For A Busty Chest

Problem: Bursting buttons and zips that don’t work well.

If you’re naturally busty, you’ll know tops can be stubborn. Tops don’t fit as well as you thought they would. This is where a romper comes in. The stretch fabric of the romper is very forgiving as it skims over your bust and pulls in the look at the waist to create an hourglass illusion. Avoid spaghetti straps and go for small prints over solid jumpsuits and rompers will also even out the proportions you were worried about.

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Gianina Woven Printed Jumpsuit by ADELYN RAE

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Jumpsuits For A Flat Chest

Problem: It’s difficult to accentuate your chest with a one-piece.

Opt for cleavage enhancing tips like V-necklines or thin straps. This creates the illusion of a wider chest and your silhouette! Of course, the right print helps. Solid colours tend to mute the shapes while prints and strategic shapes help accentuate your curves!

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Bloom Jumpsuit by FINDERS KEEPERS

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Jumpsuits for Rectangular Body Shapes

Problem: I have little to no curves.

With the banana or rectangle body type, you have to create the illusion of curves with your shoulders, waist, and hips all aligned. Choose interesting sleeves or shoulder details to make the look more interesting.

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Claude Jumpsuit by JOVONNA

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Jumpsuits For Hourglass Figures

Problem: I want to look amazing in jumpsuits.

One advantage that the double cherry or hourglass body shape is that they can wear anything and look great. Why not take it a style notch further to accentuate your curves with a strapless number! Look for strapless jumpsuits and a high waist pant. Make sure the lines are sleek and no huge detailing at the shoulders or hips–this means no big pockets or ruffles. You don’t want to appear larger than you are!

Jumpsuit From the Infinite Wardrobe: Break through Jumpsuit by CAMEO

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Know your body shape better and dress in the right jumpsuit that hugs all the right curves! If you’re not sure which jumpsuit styles to add to your rotation, explore new styles from the Infinite Wardrobe that flatter you better and swap them for new pieces, unlimited times!

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Jumpsuits can fit and flatter every body shape if you know how. Rent, wear, swap with Style Theory and never worry about ill-fitting clothes or repeating your favourites every week!

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