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Dynamic Duo: Totes For You and Your Man

Boyfriend-styles are a thing; from wearing boyfriend relaxed cut jeans to living in oversized tees and jackets, boyfriend styles are both comfort and style for girls who like androgynous styles. Beyond borrowing from their wardrobe, there are chances to share everyone’s essential–a bag that is functional and looks practical. Androgynous looks are great and actually easy to pull off, and if you’re one couple who loves sharing, these totes would be perfect for both you and your partner! 

Here are totes that we know will be great base on your relationship dynamics:

#1. Power Couple

You’re a couple that has it all together and nothing is too tough to tackle. Though struggles and adversities are inevitable, you handle it together like a champ. You complement each other’s weaknesses with your strengths. You share a strong support system and because of that, you’ lead an ambitious life together. 

Rent the designer bag for the power couple: The Gucci Hollywood Tote 

The Gucci Hollywood Tote is structured and fierce just like your relationship dynamics, the best part–the loud graphic print makes it less feminine, along with the silhouette of the androgynous bag. You can either wear it on your arm or sling it across as a messenger bag. 

We’ll pair it with a crisp white button-down shirt and jeans for that effortless chic. 

#2. Cool Couple

Binge-watching Netflix films and take-outs are your go-to activities on the weekends! You both love a relaxing day at the beach over a party and would often stay in for games night or movie marathons. When it comes to handling tough times, you’ll handle it with a calm and composed mind.

Rent the designer bag for the cool couple: The Balenciaga Everyday Tote 

The Balenciaga Everyday Tote has a clean, minimal design with a neutral earthy tone–just like your cool and chic relationship personality. For its classy look, it is a great choice of tote to share between you both.

Its minimal style makes it easy to pair with. We’ll recommend keeping it simple with just a white tee and khaki shorts or a white dress. Balenciaga made this tote to be structured, light and roomy, giving you space for more without compromising the integrity of the handles. 

#3. Best-friend Couple

You’ve been friends for a long time before you both entered into a romantic relationship. Being extremely comfortable, there’s almost nothing you don’t share with each other. There’s always an equal amount of understanding–like you’re able to read each other’s thoughts. It comes naturally to know when to take a step back, especially when space and time alone is needed.

Rent the designer bag for the bestfriend couple: The Fendi Bag Bugs Tote

The Fendi Bag Bugs Tote has a bright and fun printed design, which reflects the fun personality that the relationship encompasses! Its colour and stylish bold prints makes it a playful style rather than feminine. 

Have some fun dressing with this tote–you both might find it enjoyable to create a look for each other as a challenge.

#4. Traveller Couple

Chasing adventures together are one of your favourite activities to do. It is only common to be away from home than at home. As a pair of travellers, there’s always a new flight to catch and a new view to photograph. The world is your home and you’re pretty much comfortable in any place. 

Rent the designer bag for the traveller couple: The Saint Laurent Perforated Tote

Nothing would be better than a Saint Laurent Perforated Tote–its black for easy pairing and light for on-the-go activities. The full black look and structure of the bag makes it fittingly androgynous. 

This tote is both useful and stylish for a traveller. It’s quite sizeable and would fit the necessities you need on a flight or a full day of sightseeing–passport, wallet, phone, camera, notebook, headphones and a hat for sunny days or jacket for chilly afternoons.

There’s a tote for every couple and it’s great to have one or two totes around in case you both need it at the same time! You can rent with us for variety and ease.

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