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The Anatomy of Desk-to-Night Bags

desk to night bag

The perfect desk-to-night bag is your round-the-clock accessory, smart for a day in the office and fancy enough for a night out at a bar or dinner date. As difficult as it sounds, there are bags ideal enough to be called desk-to-night bags. These are the in-betweeners that you can easily have regardless of what your after-office activities are. With these bags, gone are the inconvenient days of swapping your essentials from bag to bag in your office cubicle. Here’s a few bags you can depend on for your TGIF!

Introducing our three desk-to-night bags:

1. Desk-to-Dinner

A true desk-to-dinner bag doesn’t sacrifice practicality for style. It is classy, elegant, yet holds impeccable functionality. Something not too large and not too loud, the Louis Vuitton Empreinte BB in black is what an ideal desk-to-dinner bag should be. 

desk to night bag

Size: Its compact size is ideal from office to off-duty use. Big enough for all your work essentials yet not too large to lug around during your dinner date. 

Colour: Nothing can go wrong when a bag comes in black. It fits everything an office look stands for and a wardrobe staple that matches with any outfit!

Material: A supple monogram-embossed Empreinte leather released in 2010 is classy and sleek. Made from calfskin, it is also extremely durable and less prone to scratches. You can carry this bag while meeting clients in the day and friends in the night without any worries!

Straps and Handle: The Louis Vuitton Empreinte comes as a double top handle with a leather belt loop to hold the handles together without it moving around too much. To go handsfree, switch it up with a removable shoulder strap and sling it. 

It fits two looks: top handle for a professional office wear, and shoulder strap for a relaxed and casual dinner. 

Interior: The Louis Vuitton comes with a host of compartments and pockets to keep your belongings organised. A centrally located zip pocket and side patch pockets to store your night look accessories and glam tools for a quick touch up before dinner. What we love is the gold clasp that helps secure the opening of the bag — ensuring your items are safely kept within!

Try the Louis Vuitton Empreinte BB as your next desk-to-night bag before you buy to see if it fits your lifestyle and essentials: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

2. Desk-to-Party

While your preferred watering hole may not have a dress code, the office environment sure does have one. And that may apply to the bag you’re carrying as well! Imagine walking past your meeting rooms with a dazzling bag — that would definitely brighten up everyone’s morning. So we recommend picking a fun coloured bag that’s still fitting for the office. Our pick: the Dior Diorama in teal!

desk to night bag

Size: The Diorama is compact in size and has a structured shape – almost satchel-like, which makes it the ideal size for not just office but to a party! Big enough to fit your day essentials but light enough for bar-hopping without the additional weight. 

Colour: As mentioned, teal will give your outfit the pop of colour yet maintaining a subtle statement for your desk look.

Material: The Diorama is crafted from grained calfskin leather and designed with Dior’s iconic Cannage motif. 

Strap and Handle: A classy look with its shoulder chain strap in gold-tone hardware accent helps you dance your night away, hands-free! A plus point: it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can wear the bag as a crossbody. 

Interior: Within the bag you’ll find a centre zip-pocket and a side slip pocket — these fit your essentials, including easy access to your credit cards and lipstick! If you need more space to fit more items, like a face mist spray, its accordian sides allows it to expand flexibly. 

Try the Dior Diorama as your next desk-to-night bag before you buy to see if it fits your lifestyle and essentials: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

3. Desk-to-Shopping

No one said a desk-to-night bag applies only to dates and parties, it can also be for shopping. A little solo time wouldn’t hurt. Besides, what better way to let loose than to roam around on your own and treat yourself to a little self-care! Our recommendation for this in-betweener is a Saint Laurent Classic Baby Sac De Jour. 

desk to night bag

Size: Don’t be fooled by its name, though a baby, it’s slightly bigger than a compact bag – almost medium sized that would fit all your essentials, plus some by-products of your retail therapy. 

Colour: You can still pick a red bag for the office environment while maintaining a professional look. In this case, a muted dark red is perfect for the night yet wouldn’t draw too much attention in the office. 

Material: The Sac De Jour is made from calfskin, a material that is sturdy and less susceptible to scratches. So there is little to worry about damaging your bag while you’re constantly on the go. 

Strap and Handle: A switch between a top handle and shoulder strap makes a bag ideal for desk to shopping. So opt for a bag like the Sac De Jour, which comes with both a top handle and a detachable strap. Perfect for when things get too heavy on your roam around town. 

Interior: The Baby Sac De Jour is great for its roomy interior — fits your office and shopping necessities! With an accordian side profile, it is easily expandable, allowing for flexibility to fit more.  

Try the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour as your next desk-to-night bag before you buy to see if it fits your lifestyle and essentials: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

So here’s what you should look out for when finding the perfect Desk-to-Night bag that fits your night activities! The list isn’t exhaustive but follow these conditions and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your nighttime activities. 

If you’re not sure which bag to invest in? Check out our Bags Talk to read up on what to look out for before investing in a bag.  

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