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Designer Spotlight: The Rushing Hour

Sustainable, ethical, and equal is how The Rushing Hour describes their fashion philosophy. In fact, to say that they’re an environmentally conscious brand is an understatement. They go beyond responsible production practices and extend their advocacy towards educating young girls, all while creating beautifully tailored styles to last the test of time. 

To some, this may sound like a handful. But The Rushing Hour‘s founder Jacalin Ding does all these with poise and ease. This month, we formally welcomed her into our Infinite Wardrobe through a quick chat about how her brand came about and some of her favorite pieces from her collection.


How did you discover your love for design, and what motivated you to start The Rushing Hour?  

I never planned to become a fashion designer! But I have social statements to pass on, and fashion is one of the best canvases I could find to do that.

Before landing in fashion, I was a UX and Product Designer. As a designer, I always thought about how an end-product would impact a user, and I wanted to deliver the feel-good experience of enjoying a product while making a positive impact to the environment and to others. 

I realised that I could do that through fashion, and that’s what led me to create The Rushing Hour


How did sustainability become a way of life for you, personally? 

Growing up in a poor household pretty much forced me to figure out how to reuse everything. My sister would outgrow her clothes and they’d become new clothes for me. 

After I outgrew those clothes, they became materials I used to sew into new outfits — most are too embarrassing to share now — or they became outfits for my toys, or a patchwork book cover, or a household cleaning cloth. Very rarely did anything get thrown away.

How does The Rushing Hour embrace sustainability in an era of fast fashion? 

What you choose to purchase represents your value, and if you can look great while supporting the best of the planet and those in need, why not? 

Our brand embraces sustainability in our own, small ways: by repurposing scrap fabrics, using renewable energy for production, adapting fair trade policies, providing jobs to women, and sharing a portion of our sales to educate young girls. 


What inspired the designs in your latest collection? 

My latest collection is inspired by a day in the life of a The Rushing Hour woman. Inspired by shows like The Queen’s Gambit and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she’s always in the mood for love and has a hint of elegance. She believes in classic silhouettes that never get out of date. 

What is your typical design process like?

I find most sustainable garments in the market “shapeless”, so I challenge myself by making sure all designs from The Rushing Hour are carefully tailored with elegant details. I usually start by collecting classic shapes and silhouettes before incorporating edgy accents and elements into my creations. 

Some styles may look simple, but it actually takes about 7 – 15 rounds to get it perfect!


Describe The Rushing Hour in three words.

Classic, edgy, and functional.

What kind of sustainable fabrics will our #WomenofStyleTheory come across when trying on The Rushing Hour pieces?

For someone dipping their toes into sustainable fashion, try breathable fabrics such as linen or Tencel. They’re both comfortable, elegant, yet durable. In fact, Tencel is more known to be more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.

P.S. We are also rolling out some of our bestsellers in 100% organic linen, so look out for that! 


What’s one of your favourite styles you hold dearest to your heart that you think our Members would love to rent in the Infinite Wardrobe?

It’s so hard to pick just one, so I’ll share two! 

I absolutely adore the Mykonos 3-Way Maxi Dress. I designed it with 3-way straps in mind, so this one versatile dress gives you 3 ways of styling it. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s my personal favourite. 

I also love the Amber Front Button Jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is everyone’s best friend —  it’s easy to wear yet so elegant. It’s multi-strap styling detail gets you going from the office, to a date or to the beach.

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