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Designer Spotlight: The Allegro Movement, Where The Worlds of Dance and Fashion Collide

Fashion as a celebration of the art of Dance: that is the philosophy that The Allegro Movement  was founded upon — that to be alive is to move, and to move freely. This philosophy was created by the woman behind the brand, Cheryl, who was a ballet dancer before starting the brand. “I’ve been dancing since the age of three, and it has always been a huge part of my life. I’m not the most extroverted person so I love how dance was my form of self-expression in my younger days. Now that I have my own family, I don’t have the time to dance as much as I did before, so I thought, why not incorporate my first love into my current passion? Dance has taught me many things — self-discipline, poise, elegance, and perseverance — and I wanted to instill this in The Allegro Movement too.”

The brand was first created on the feeling that well-designed clothes made Cheryl feel like she could tackle any obstacle, and she wanted to share that feeling with other women out there. She then went on to  share,  “Growing up, I have always loved fashion and playing dress-up with my mom. As I entered the working world, I realised that the way I dress for the day gave me a new lease of energy when I went about my day in the morning.” And that was what made Cheryl decide to design her own fashion label — to spread that same positive energy to other women out there. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the designs, Cheryl shared that her inspiration comes from her daily life too. Whenever something inspired her, she would take out her notebook to note the vision down to build that into a full collection. As for her design process, she shared with us that she always starts with a theme. “For example, our first collection was Metamorphosis — the process of transformation. We related this to nature and how caterpillars metamorphosed into butterflies, so then there were a lot of fluttery details in our designs,” she further explained. 

When we take a look into their collections, we can clearly see the flair and flow of each piece, allowing the wearer to move as freely as they want to — staying true to their design philosophy. The Allegro Movement’s pieces are the type of clothes that you want to wear when you want to feel free and energetic — they’re the styles you would want to don to re-energise yourself  to tackle on any day. 

Not only does the brand share positivity with its customers, The Allegro Movement started The Social Movement where a portion of proceeds is donated to fund the dreams of disabled artists. Cheryl further shared, “I picked this organisation because of how they used arts to empower these disabled artists. I’m so glad that these artists have an opportunity to find an outlet to showcase their talents through VSA.” 

To understand more about the brand, we asked Cheryl a few quick questions about The Allegro Movement’s designs, and her tips for our #WomenofStyleTheory:

If you could describe the aesthetic of The Allegro Movement’s pieces in 3 words, what would they be? 

Elegant, Feminine, and Flowy! 

The Allegro movement often pays homage to the journey of transformation and metamorphosis. How do you see The Allegro Movement’s design style evolving in the future? 

I think the design style of the brand would evolve together with me as I journey through the different phases of life. 

What is the one piece in your collections that you hold closest to your heart? 

My favourite piece would be the Sanguine Midi Dress! And, it is also one of our best-selling pieces. I love how versatile and flattering this piece is! 

Give the #WomenofStyleTheory a tip! What are your favourite ways to transform an Allegro Movement outfit from day to night? 

Accessorise, accessorise, and accessorise! From belting it up, to your choice of shoes, a quick change of accessories can transform your look. 

You have pieces from each of your three collections in our Infinite Wardrobe. If you had to choose, which is a must-rent piece from each collection?

If I had to choose, I would say the Chrysalis Midi Dress from the Metamorphosis Collection, the Grace Off-Shoulder Dress from the Dandelion Collection, and the Tidal Ruffle Tie Midi Dress from the Waves Collection. 

Rent your favourite pieces from The Allegro Movement on the Style Theory App now! The Allegro Movement collection is currently only available for our Singapore subscribers.

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