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Designer Spotlight: Niki Han of NIMISSKI shares her secret to staying relevant in the local fashion scene

It takes a whole lot of tenacity, creativity, and brand love for a designer label like NIMISSKI to stick around for over a decade… and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce NIMISSKI into our Style Theory apparel collection! We had a quick chat with Founder Niki Han to learn more about what it takes to stay relevant in the local fashion scene, as well as her favourite piece that she holds closest to her heart. Read on!

Hi Niki! What inspired you to start your own fashion brand? 

Niki: I like the idea of sharing my creations with others and building a tribe of happy customers. What inspired me the most is my hometown in Dalian, China, which is a fashion city. Moreover, my family loves to dress me up, which inspired me to go into the fashion industry. 

NIMISSKI has been around for 12 years! How has the journey been so far? How has NIMISSKI’s style evolved over the years? 

Niki: It wasn’t easy trying to build up a brand from scratch. But it has been a fulfilling journey with NIMISSKI. NIMISSKI has grown so much within the past 12 years; we’ve evolved in terms of production, product quality and product design. We have a better understanding of customers’ needs and requirements and we are always improving ourselves. 

With three physical stores in Singapore, I’m sure you get to interface with so many of your customers and even notice similarities among them. Could you describe the NIMISSKI woman? 

Niki: NIMISSKI customers are the women of now – independent women with a good sense of fashion, strong characters, and a strong spending power.

Who are your personal style muses when you design for NIMISSKI? Where else do you draw fashion/style inspiration from? 

Niki: I get my inspiration when I travel. When I’m abroad, I like going to fashion shows or looking at other brands for inspiration. Museums and art events are great places to gather more inspiration, too.

If you could describe the aesthetic of NIMISSKI’s pieces with 3 adjectives, what would they be? 

Niki: Elegant, Classy and Gorgeous.

What is one piece in your collections that you hold closest to your heart? Is there a story behind it? 

Niki: I really love our Ellie Slip Long Dress in Blue, the colour is very fresh, the cutting of the dress is slim fit and the design doesn’t go out of trend. It’s great for everyday wear, but just as suitable for events. 

We’re proud to partner with NIMISSKI through our Sustainability Alliance. What does this partnership mean to NIMISSKI? 

Niki: We’re honoured and flattered to partner with Style Theory too! We hope that through this partnership, we can reach out to more customers who haven’t heard of the brand NIMISSKI. Through this partnership, customers can also get a feel of our products before diving in. 

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