Designer Spotlight: The Trick to Keeping Your Style Effortless, According to Australian Label MVN

In one way or another, clothes provide comfort, identity, and even a sense of security for the woman wearing it — almost like an armour. With that belief in mind, Didi founded MVN in 2015 as a way to provide modern women with quality fashion styles at an affordable price for every woman out there, and now, even more so as it’s available to rent from our Infinite Wardrobe! We caught up with Didi, Co-Director and Lead Designer of MVN to share her origin story behind the Australian brand.

Style Theory MVN Didi Designer Spotlight

Stories begin with a name, and for MVN, the name itself is short for Maven — someone who’s an expert in her own field, and a connoisseur of her own world. “For me personally,says Didi, MVN stands for Modern Women. Backing the vision of the brand is MVN’s design philosophy, which revolves around creating pieces that are both easy to wear and effortless to style, all by keeping to basic silhouettes that suit most women’s body shapes.

To keep up with trends, Didi draws inspiration from runways and mixes it with street fashion for a distinct MVN flavour. As an Australian brand, MVN stays true to the core of effortless Aussie style too. According to Didi, Australian fashion is very easy to wear, with styles that can be worn from a day at an office to dinner dates, or from weekdays to weekends.

Style Theory MVN Studio Behind the Scenes

Take a browse through their collection on the Style Theory App, and you can see that the brand stays true to their design philosophy. MVN’s pieces are staples that every woman would want to have in their closet — simple, classic, and yet easily personalised to your own individual style and needs. MVN as a brand is like a friend that you can rely on to get you out the door and face the world with confidence — on good days and bad days.

Didi went on to illustrate the type of woman MVN would be: As a woman, she’s effortlessly elegant, feminine, and confident. MVN would be the type of woman to stick with the classics while also staying on trend.

We asked Didi about MVN’s must-rent piece on Style Theory and some tips that you might want to incorporate into your day-to-day looks!

If you had to have a must-rent piece in your collection on Style Theory, which would it be? 

I would say that it’s Saint-Cosme Dress. The deep red tone can be worn on chilly days as well as on warmer sunny days. The dress can also be paired up with heels for a dressy look of sneakers and boots for a casual day outfit!

Saint Cosme Dress by MVN Eloise Jaksic

Any tips of styling the MVN pieces that are available in our infinite wardrobe for our #WomenofStyleTheory? 

Be experimental! Try styling with different accessories and footwear, it can really make a difference on the overall look. Most importantly, it needs to be YOU. You need to feel like yourself and feel comfortable in them

What can Style Theory subscribers look forward to from MVN?

We tend to stick to the popular shapes that are suitable for every woman’s body but with on trend prints, colours, and fabric variations.

Rent your favourite MVN pieces on the Style Theory app now! MVN collection is currently only available for our Singapore subscribers.

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