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Designer Spotlight: Goyard

When it comes to designer bags, the first few brands that comes to mind would no doubt be Chanel, Hermes or Gucci. Goyard would not immediately come to mind as a luxurious designer brand, but you’ll be surprised at its rich history. 

Shying away from the spotlight, the unostentatious House of Goyard has been in the high-end fashion scene for close to 160 years. Long before Chanel even made a name for itself, the almost two-century-old brand was already creating iconic bags and trunks for the Parisians. 

Known for their signature Y Chevron pattern with the incorporation of E. Goyard’s name, the bag is created with a coated cloth blending of linen and cotton made to look like leather, also known as the Goyardine canvas.

Not only is it durable, but its material makes it lightweight and a rather weather-resistant bag, which is great to have around.

Here are two of Goyard’s bags we feel you should rent:

#1. Comores PM Tote 

We love this Goyard Tote for its structure, colour and lightness! It’s both sturdy and light, and it’ll carry all your necessities without  compromising on the integrity of its structure. 

Read more about Goyard Comores Tote as the perfect work bag here.

#2.  Chevron Saint Louis PM Tote

The recent rise to popularity among many nowadays is the Chevron Saint Louis PM Tote. It retains the unique Goyardine canvas as well as the Y Chevron pattern. 

A fun fact on the Y Chevron pattern: upon succeeding the company, Edmond Goyard included his name ‘E. Goyard’ within one chevron, in white. You’ll also find that the ‘V’ chevron remains white across most colours of the tote. 

This Goyard bag is otherwise widely known as the ‘IT Shopper’ bag. The lightness of the tote makes it easier to carry over your shoulders and you’ll find the roominess really useful for storing your items.

You’ll find this tote very easy to travel with as well. Don’t hesitate on renting one for a weekend getaway.

Why we love to rent this Goyard tote:

  • Lightness of bag makes it easy to shop and travel with 
  • Roomy space to store all necessities
  • Comes in a variety of colours–to fit any occasion or look

All designer bags on Style Theory Bags go through a rigorous authentication and validation process before it’s accepted onto our platform for our community of fashion lovers.

Rent a Goyard tote worry-free for your everyday needs, social engagements, or travel.

Join the waitlist and get with our fashion revolution to own less and access more!

Have a Goyard bag you want to consign instead? Check out our consignment service here.

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