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Designer Spotlight: Givenchy

Givenchy bags are one of the most desired designer bags and are known for their unique and rather contemporary styles. Founded in 1952, this French luxury line has created many timeless pieces for their customers, reaching a wide audience with their chic and classy designs.

If you’re one to dress by style, here are three of Givenchy’s most iconic bags you should rent based on style:

#1. Contemporary

The Givenchy Antigona screams contemporary with its structured yet utterly elegant finish. Launched in Givenchy’s Fall 2010 Collection, it’s a design that embodies sophistication and a slight touch of masculinity with its soft leather and large zip. This bag is probably one of Givenchy’s most renowned pieces.

The structured design is classy and has a splash of masculinity–not the typical feminine work bag. This bag is perfect if you’re one to go for more contemporary styles of structured and geometric outfits. 

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#2. Casual Chic

For a playful and fun look, Givenchy’s Pandora is one to look out for. Pandora is a combination of versatility, comfort, practical space and urban vibes! It has a unique flexible structure where the shape of it falls according to how one carries it. 

With a boxy shape and single handle, its uniqueness isn’t only presented by the looks. A fun fact about Givenchy’s Pandora is the story behind the inspiration. The shape of this bag is inspired by the Greek myth of Pandora where Zeus gifted a box to her–thus its name. 

If you’re going for a casual yet chic look, this Givenchy would be a great match for your weekend. 

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#3. Minimal

Givenchy’s Horizon is a great choice if you’re going for a clean and minimal look. Its structured leather and clean lines are perfect for someone who loves to keep things simple. 

Though debuted in 2016 Fall, this bag has proven to stay in trend for any geometric fashion lovers. It’s one piece that Givenchy created that embodies timelessness with its classic look, its a bag that can be both sophisticated and yet not too over-the-top. 

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So rent with a peace of mind for your everyday needs, social engagements or travel! Givenchy is one of the most loved brands amongst women.

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