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Designer Spotlight: Fendi

Fendi sure knows a thing or two about creating iconic bags. In fact, the Italian fashion house was the first to create the whole idea of an “It” bag–Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative director and a third-generation member of the Fendi family, designed the Baguette bag in 1997.

Fendi – Baguette – Insta

Credit: @fendi

The unique, under-the-arm handbag became an overnight sensation, cementing Fendi’s identity as a brand to watch for in designer bags. After the Baguette, Fendi continued to roll out signature bags that would resonate with women all over the world.

When asked what she looks for in her perfect bag, Fendi shared,

Practicality and lightness, but also an idea. Functionality is not enough. It has to have something that makes me smile. – Silvia Fendi

Here are three iconic bags that you can rent from Style Theory, according to your personal style:

1. The Peekaboo

It’s been 11 years since the Peekaboo bag was first launched, but it continues to be Fendi’s best-selling style. Dozens of celebrities have been seen carrying it, including Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian and Amal Clooney. The bag’s timeless appeal comes from the simplicity of its design and its attention to detail. Leaving the bag unclasped gives you a peek of the interior lining, hence its name.



designer spotlight fendi-large-peekaboo-brown-c

Large Peekaboo Brown Spots


designer spotlight fendi-regular-peekaboo-black-gradient-c

Regular Peekaboo Black Gradient



designer spotlight fendi-regular-peekaboo-pink-1

Regular Peekaboo Pink



designer spotlight fendi-micro-peekaboo-royal-blue-c

Micro Peekaboo Royal Blue


2. Kan I

A play on “Can I”, the boxy, flap bag comes in many variations and colourways, making it an incredibly versatile bag to add to your wardrobe. Its compact size is perfect for carrying everyday essentials, and the sliding chain allows for transition from top handle to shoulder bag. It’s no wonder celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr are fans.



designer spotlight fendi-medium-kan-i-f-maya-oro-soft-c

Medium Kan I F Maya Oro Soft



designer spotlight fendi-small-kan-i-nero-mlc-palladio-1

Small Kan I Nero MLC Palladio


designer spotlight fendi-scallop-kan-i-bluen-c

Scallop Kan I Light Blue



designer spotlight fendi-small-kan-i-fuchsia-pink-c

Small Kan I Geranio


3. By The Way

Another one of Fendi’s classics, the By The Way bag boasts a roomy interior and a convenient center zip. It’s understated and chic, without compromising on functionality. Wear it as a shoulder bag, top handle or a clutch, so you can head to the office, run errands and go for a dinner party – all with just one bag.



designer spotlight fendi-regular-by-the-way-sand-c

Regular By The Way Sand



designer spotlight fendi-regular-by-the-way-black-beige-c

Regular By The Way Black



designer spotlight fendi-mini-by-the-way-purple-c

Mini By The Way Magenta



designer spotlight fendi-studded-mini-by-the-way-red-c

Mini By The Way Studded Red


All designer bags on Style Theory bags go through a rigorous authentication and validation process before it’s accepted onto our platform for our community of fashion lovers.

So rent with a peace of mind for your everyday needs, social engagements or travel! Fendi is one of the top brands with styles for the modern, youthful woman.

Join the waitlist and get with our fashion revolution to own less and access more!

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