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Designer Spotlight: Chloé

A brand that is iconic and full of lifestyle and personality is none other than Chloé. This French fashion house was started in 1952 by Gaby Aghion and later joined by Jacques Lenoir.

Aghion and Lenoir were one of the first few designers to coin the term prêt-à-porter, which means ‘sold ready-to-wear’ as opposed to made to measure styles that were popular with the fashion crowd. Unlike most high-end fashion brands, Chloé successfully merges luxury with ready-to-wear.

Designer Spotlight Chloe-6

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Chloé Medium Paraty

All I ever wanted was for Chloé to have a happy spirit and to make people happy. – Gaby Aghion

Behind this amazing brand and their bags is an interesting fact on how they came to settle on Chloé as the brand’s name. Aghion actually named the brand Chloé after a friend whom she believed embodies a carefree attitude of young women; a reflection of what Chloé has grown to be. 

Designer Spotlight Chloe-5

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Chloé Small Nile Minaudiere

What I love most about Chloé is their range of sizes and colours. You can literally have multiple choices for different aspects of your lifestyle. It’s easy and fun to rent what fits your personality and not compromise on style!

Which Chloé Bag are you?

You’re the life of the party!

You’re the happy-pill in your social circle and wouldn’t turn down an invite to hang out with a close friend or a big group. You have the ability to bring joy to dull situations and people love having you around. The Chloé Itsy range, like the small Nile Minaudiere, would be the perfect sized bag for you. 


Designer Spotlight Chloe-3

Chloé Small Nile Minaudiere

Designer Spotlight Chloe-2

Chloé Mini Drew Bijou Bag


Designer Spotlight Chloe-7

Chloé Faye Bracelet Bag

These itsy cute bags are not only pretty on the outside, but they’re also quite lightweight and easy to carry. They are great for days where you only have to carry your phone and wallet! 

You’re outgoing and up for anything!

When it comes to planning or trying new activities, you never fail to deliver. Be it mountain hiking or trying new adventurous eats at a night market, you are always willing to try. Up for spontaneous opportunities and new adventures anytime? Then a pretty compact sized and hands-free bucket bag or Chloé Drew Crossbody is most fitting.


Designer Spotlight Chloe-1

Chloé C Double Carry Bag

Designer Spotlight Chloe-12

Chloé Drew Crossbody

Designer Spotlight Chloe-10

Chloé Small Roy Bucket Bag

These compact size bags are perfect for storing the essentials; phone, wallet, a performance watch and even a small compass if needed. We feel these bags are fun and would totally fit your style. 

You’re self-motivated and driven!

You rarely take no for an answer and jump at every opportunity you think is worth it. You’re always on-the-go and filled with energy for your day to day schedule whether it’s work or shopping for things. A standard sized Chloé bag that has a roomy interior and bonus compartments for your necessities might just fit you. 


Chloé Medium Marcie

Designer Spotlight Chloe-9

Chloé Medium Paraty

Designer Spotlight Chloe-11

Emma Drawstring Bag Black

These Chloé designs are made to accommodate for your needs, with its spacious interior you can carry more than just your phone and wallet! Pop in a tumbler and umbrella for the rainy weather.

Of course, you’re not limited to only one size or style. With a bags subscription and access to Chloé bags anytime, you’re definitely bound to find the dream bag or rent a few styles if you’re not ready to invest or commit. So go ahead and rent with ease!

Designer Spotlight Chloe-4

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Chloé C Double Carry Bag

All designer bags on Style Theory bags go through a rigorous authentication and validation process before it’s accepted onto our platform for our community of fashion lovers.

So rent with a peace of mind for your everyday needs, social engagements or travel! Chloé is one of the most loved brands amongst women.

Join the Waitlist and get with our fashion revolution to own less and access more!

Have a Chloé bag you want to consign instead? Check out our consignment service here.

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