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If we’re talking about iconic bags, we definitely cannot miss Chanel out. Known for their elegant quilted styles and French chic statement tweed jackets, we hone in on every It girl’s must-have bag that’s not only covetable but also a great fashion investment that stands well against the test of time and trends. 

Behind the brand is the very talented and well-loved Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. Growing up in an orphanage, she was driven, passionate and bold. These personality traits are often showcased in her designs and personal style. 

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside – Coco Chanel

Though her store opened in the 1910s, she closed most of it down during the war because she felt it was simply not the time for fashion. After the war, she designed the notion of Little Black Dress that liberated women of the ‘corseted fashion’

Despite harsh conditions, she reopened Chanel in 1954 and released the very first 2.55 classic flap bag in 1955. Nothing is more interesting than the evolution of this classic bag and what it has become today. Here’s a little walk down memory lane with the designs of our most-loved Chanel bags. 

The original released 2.55 classic flap bag came with a mademoiselle chain and clasp. Throughout the years, many variants of the 2.55 has been released to suit trends and styles yet the character of the bag never really stray far from its original.

The 2.55

Credit: Chanel

The Chanel 2.55 is a double flap bag that comes with the an all chain strap also known as the mademoiselle chain and the mademoiselle clasp — a rectangular turn-lock closure. 

It was one of the first shoulder bags of its time that were made for women to carry. Coco Chanel designed a chain strap that easily slung over the shoulders and arms to ease the need for it to be hand carried. It was made for everyday on-the-go use despite its current luxury title. 

Credit: Chanel

Credit: Chanel

It wasn’t until later in that the chain straps were swapped out for interwoven chained straps and the mademoiselle clasp for the CC clasp. 

With the appointment of Karl Lagerfeld as Artistic Director came the Classic Flap Bag, which is a variant of the 2.55 bag. 

Classic Flap Bag

The Classic Flap Bag — in this case a double flap bag, was released in the 1980s with an interwoven chain strap and an interlocking CC clasp. 

It comes with either soft lambskin exterior or a caviar leather — a smoother and softer finish compared to the original 2.55.

Caviar leather is easier to maintain than lambskin so it quickly gained popularity for those who wanted a lower maintenance option.

Just as we thought it was the end of the original 2.55, Karl Lagerfeld released a Reissue series of Coco Chanel’s 2.55 bags. 

Reissue Series

In commemoration of 50 years since the release of the 2.55 bags, Karl Lagarfeld introduce the Reissue series — a replica of the original 2.55. 

One that is loved by many, they now have other variants of the 2.55 available. You can go for fun colours as well as the classic black with silver chains. 

We all love the originals but one of Chanel’s recent series — the Boy Chanel introduced in 2011 Fall caught many attraction. 

Boy Chanel

Karl Lagarfeld’s was inspired to create this bag because he felt that Chanel’s spirit was greatly influenced by her lover and muse, Boy Capel, thus the name of the bag — Boy Chanel.

Like its name, the Boy Chanel carries a more boyish vibe. A structured rectangular bag with chain straps and an interlocking CC push-button clasp to fit the look. 

Wouldn’t you love to carry one of these beauties? It’s sleek and great for any occasion, one of my personal favourites!

Owning one of these would be great but they’re not the most attainable bag due to its steep pricing. Why not rent one and try it first!

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