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Designer Spotlight: Bottega Veneta

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I like simple, I like quality, and I like less. Do I like a certain aesthetic? Yeah.” – Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta’s Former Creative Director

When it comes to iconic bags with unique designs, Bottega Veneta definitely does not fall far from the list. With its unique weave design–the Intrecciato, one glance and many would immediately know the Italian fashion house’s signature.

But how did the Intrecciato pattern become a unique feature of Bottega Veneta? In the early years of their manufacturing, the sewing machines in their workshops were designed to work with cloth, not leather.

In order to accommodate to the machines, the artisans had to use superfine leather to get underneath the needle. Due to the thinness of the leather, wear and tear will occur faster. In order to strengthen the material, the leather used is woven into the Intrecciato pattern to make the material more durable for bags and accessories.

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Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa

The Intrecciato, or the braided weave pattern, has become synonymous with the company. Though Bottega Veneta has no use of a logo in the designs of their bags, everyone recognises a Bottega Veneta classic when they see one.

What we do love about it? The brand achieves two properties with one technique; a classy look and durable material. An additional bonus; the brand embraces and owns their craft of enviable work of art to achieve supple softness of their leather. They’re also pretty lightweight for everyday use and this woven design is evident in almost all their bags regardless of the occasion. We guarantee you’d find one for any event!

Here’s a Bottega Veneta for any occasion:

Classy At Work:

designer spotlight bottega-veneta-small-roma-grey-fume-c

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Roma Intrecciato

Bottega Veneta’s iconic bag, the Roma Intrecciato comes in different colours that fit your everyday work wear. The size is perfect for fitting your office necessities yet it stays structured and easily complements the working style. Classy yet functional, it is for sure the Bottega Veneta bag for the hustler.

designer spotlight bottega-veneta-intrecciato-nappa-top-handle-bag-light-brown-c

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Nappa Top Handle Intrecciato

Another one of Bottega Veneta’s wonderful work bags would be their Nappa Top Handle Intrecciato style. It is spacious, sturdy and light. Besides being able to fit your work essentials like notebooks, tumbler and brolly, it’s extremely comfortable to carry. If the Roma isn’t for you, try Bottega Veneta’s top handle Intrecciato!

Fun For Weekends:

designer spotlight bottega-veneta-fringe-intrecciato-nappa-shoulder-yellow-c

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Olimpia Intrecciato

One of two styles we picked for a fun casual event would be the Olimpia Intrecciato. It’s lightweight and comes in fun colours like this bright yellow. A light shoulder bag for a casual weekend brunch or movie date is definitely a win in our books. Though small and slightly flat, you’re able to fit in your staples; phone, wallet, keys, earpiece and lipstick for quick touch-ups.

designer spotlight bottega-veneta-intrecciato-nappa-clutch-bag-purple-c

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Nappa Intrecciato

Like the Olimpia, this Nappa Intrecciato is also fun and fit for your weekends. What I like about this particular design is its flexibility of being a crossbody and clutch. Regardless of the look you’re going for, this compact bag gives you that versatility you need.

Glamour For Parties:

designer spotlight bottega-veneta-leather-braided-knot-clutch-c

Rent from the Infinite Bag Wardrobe: Leather Braided Knot Clutch

Different from its woven counterparts, the iconic Bottega Veneta clutch still retains an element of weave through its leather braid design, as well as Bottega Veneta’s signature clasp. Its clasp is designed to retain an element of the Intrecciato that looks like a woven knot.

It’s subtle but definitely fitting for a dinner party, weddings and media events. Talk about big on style!

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So rent with a peace of mind for your everyday needs, social engagements or travel! Bottega Veneta is one of the most loved brands amongst women.

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