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Debunking the Top 7 Myths of Consignments

Many are aware but aren’t informed of what consigning a bag actually means. Based on the most common questions and misconceptions about consignment that we hear from our community, we’re here to debunk the myths you have about consigning your bags with us! 

Myth #1: Consigning my bag with Style Theory means I’m listing to sell it.

We know it’s hard to let go of your very first designer bag that you bought years ago with your hard-earned money. If you’re sentimental about your bags, but want to offload them for a while, you’ll be happy to know that consigning does not mean you’re putting it up for sale! It means you’ll get to rent it out via Style Theory Bags and earn monthly payouts. 

Myth #2: I can sell my bag to Style Theory instead of consigning.

At Style Theory Bags, we are committed to leading the renting revolution. But if you’re keen on selling them, we’ve made it an option for consignors to list their bags for sale on our application. In fact, our consignors love that they get to sell their bags on our platform, even after collecting months of payouts! 

Myth #3: I can collect my designer bag back anytime I want.

We hold your designer bags for a minimum of 3 months, so that you can see results from consigning with us. If you’re suffering from a little separation anxiety, take comfort in the fact that your designer bag will be professionally taken care of by leather care experts during its stay with us. After 3 months, feel free to contact your Account Manager to retrieve your bag anytime!

Myth #4: If my consigned bag is damaged, I won’t get any compensation.

Don’t worry, that’s not true! We know the gut-wrenching pain of seeing your designer bag coming back with scratches and stains, and that’s why we won’t let that happen to you. Designer bags that are successfully consigned are insured against damages and loss up to the Bag Valuation amount agreed during our on-boarding process.

Myth #5: I don’t need to provide any authenticity or boxes for the bag I am consigning. 

Misplaced your authenticity card, or gotten rid of the original box? That’s completely alright with us! You’re not obligated to provide any box, dust bags, authenticity cards or receipts for your consigned bags. If you do have them, however, they may help to increase your bag’s valuation price and your monthly payouts.

Myth #6: The payout for consignment is not great.

We know money matters.Your monthly payout depends on the duration and number of times your designer bag is being rented out. You can actually earn up to $150 a month per bag that you consign! The longer the duration of rental, higher frequency of rental and the more bags you consign with us, the higher your payout will be! Check out our consignor’s testimony here. In fact, some of our consignors even use their rental payouts to pay for their own Style Theory Bags subscription

Myth #7: Consigning my bag means I will get them back in poorer quality.

Your bag may get rented many times (which is great!), and we understand you’re afraid of the possible wear and tear that may happen. After all, no one wants their items back in a worn out condition! But, rest assured, before every cycle of rental, the bag undergoes a series of professional care and maintenance to ensure it’s kept kept in its best possible state. 

We hope that by debunking these myths, you have a better understanding of the consignment process with Style Theory Bags! Pick up those bags you haven’t been carrying and consign them to Style Theory Bags today.

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