Daily Self-Care Checklist: 15 Easy Activities to Keep The Blues Away

With the world moving so fast and people around you bustling through the hustle, it is easy to overlook the simplest of things. Before you get ahead of yourself and neglect your tired soul, stop and ask yourself — have I done anything to care for my well-being?

Self-care is extremely simple and one activity could only take up less than an eighth of your day. We came up with a simple self-care checklist to help you begin your very own self-care activities. The following list isn’t exhaustive but it can be a timely reminder when you find yourself falling into a state of tiredness. You never know when you might need it, so save, share and keep checking off the list!

If you find yourself feeling burnt out lately– save this checklist to remind yourself to relish in a few self-care acts. A little goes a long way, so take charge!

P.S. One more tip: If you haven’t had enough time in the morning for breakfast or simple rest on the weekends because of chores, rent from Style Theory apparel subscription and you might just find more time for yourself on your rest days! 

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