Consign and Sell Your Preloved Clothes with Edits by Style Theory

If your wardrobe is bursting with clothes you no longer wear, sizes you’ve outgrown, or clothes that simply don’t fit your current style anymore, it’s high time you start decluttering. The good news? You can actually earn a sweet side of passive income from purging out your wardrobe.  

At Edits by Style Theory, we’re looking to give your preloved clothes a happy second home, and yes — we’re paying you for your treasured items! 

Why should I consign my preloved clothes to Edits by Style Theory?
Extend the lifespan of your clothes

By choosing to sell your preloved clothes, you’re ensuring the raw resources used to make your clothes don’t go to waste! Alternatively, we’ll donate unsold items to the less fortunate with your permission.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience

Decluttering can be tedious. That’s why we’ve made our process quick and easy. Just fill up a form, and schedule a pick-up!


Step 1: Start Listing Your Items Here

Simply fill in a quick form with photos of the items you want to sell.
Our team will get in touch with you soon!

Step 2: First Screening

Our stylist will do an initial screening of your items based on your form,
and give you the best selling price we can offer.

Step 3: Schedule for Pick-Up

Liking the quoted selling price?
Send your items to us, or schedule a doorstep pick-up*!

Step 4: Second Screening

At our warehouse, our team will screen your items
and give you a final quote before putting them up for sale on

Step 5: Get Paid!

Sit back, and wait for your item to find its new home!
Get paid on the 15th of the following month when your items get sold.

*Free doorstep pick-ups are only available for items with a minimum total selling price of $100.


What brands are accepted? 

We’re accepting preloved clothes from designer labels and most fast fashion brands, from high-street fashion names like H&M, Zara, ASOS, and COS to local boutique brands like Love Bonito, Our Second Nature, and In Good Company. 

How much do I earn when my item gets sold? 

You can earn between 15 – 60% of the selling price of your item. See below for more details on our commission structure: 


Want to learn more? Read our FAQs below:

What items can I list on Edits?
You can list any women’s fashion clothing that are in great condition. Please ensure that preloved items are freshly laundered and in wearable condition. Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept undergarments, homewear, sportswear, and other items in similar categories.

What if my items get rejected during the screening process?
You will need to do a self pick-up at the Style Theory warehouse. Alternatively, the items can be donated to a charity of Style Theory’s choice.

What does the overall process look like?

  1. Fill up our form for each item you want to sell.
  2. Our stylists will evaluate your items’ quality and style and get back to you on the price and commission rate.
  3. Choose to send your items to us, or schedule a doorstep pick-up based on your time and convenience. Free doorstep pick-ups are only available for items with a minimum total selling price of $100.
    For items less than $100, please mail or drop off your items at this address:

    To: Consignment Team
    Interlocal Centre
    #06-17, 100G Pasir Panjang Road
    Singapore 118523

  4. Our team will conduct a second screening process prior to listing your items in our Edits inventory. At this stage, the quoted price might change based on the condition of your items. You will be notified of any price changes.
  5. If your items failed our second screening process, or did not get sold, you can pick up your items at our Style Theory warehouse or donate the items at charity of Style Theory’s choice.

How and when do I get paid?
Payment will be made on the 15th of the next month via bank transfer to your local bank account. 

Can I request for a return?
Each listed item has a minimum consignment period of 3 months. After which, you may choose to have the items returned to you via self pick-up at Style Theory’s warehouse, or donated to charity upon your approval.

Ready to start decluttering and start earning?


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