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We love having our subscribers gather together for a useful and fun-filled activity. In this season of community sharing, we co-hosted a make-up demonstration session with Sisley and celebrity make-up artist, Beno Lim. The women of Style Theory had the opportunity to learn tips and tricks to achieve a flawless finish with Sisley’s new Phyto-Teint Ultra Eclat foundation!

Before we get into the nitty gritty, here is a little fact about Sisley — they’re known for centring their creations and products around phyto-cosmetology, using plant-based extracts in order to formulate cosmetics. To create these products, people behind Sisley’s formulations go through tedious process of achieving the best result possible — making their products natural yet effective. 

Beno Lim shared his step by step procedure, including Sisley’s foundation, to help the women of Style Theory understand what can be done to achieve that flawless foundation finish. 

There are three main stages with a few steps each:

Stage 1: Priming Your Face

Before applying the foundation, preparing your skin is very important. Having your skin too dry or wet will affect the application of the product. 

1st: Spray mist, in this case, floral mist.

2nd: Apply moisturiser

3rd: Apply a layer of primer, for a smooth surface

4th: Apply lip balm to keep lips moist

Stage 2: Creating The Foundation

Once you’ve prepped your face, 

1st: Apply a colour corrector using a brush to even out the tones of your skin. 

2nd: Start applying foundation by slowly building up and blend upwards towards the forehead. Take note that when purchasing foundation, it would be good to go with a bare face in order to test the right shade accurately. 

3rd: You can finish up the coverage with some concealer as well. 

Stage 3: Completing The Look

Complete the look with other essentials such as mascara, highlighter, blusher and lip colour!

The women of Style Theory were also able to ask Beno Lim questions on what might fit them, making it a rather personalised session! They each walked away with a goodie bag of Sisley’s products. 

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