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Community Event: Silversmithing Workshop by Fat Anvil Studio

In the month of February, where love and self-care are our key focus, we started community events with a rather solo-like activity in mind — silversmithing! We co-hosted a silversmithing workshop lead by Fat Anvil Studios where the Women of Style Theory immersed themselves in the art of crafting silver. 

Fat Anvil Studio is a studio specialising in traditional silversmithing – using only minimal tools and their skills. They love the idea of creating products and sculptures with no template, but your own creativity. So during the session, the Women of Style Theory were challenged to create their own piece of silver accessory with nothing but tools and creativity! 

Silversmithing is a great activity to consider if you love engaging in crafty activities like pottery or sewing. You’ll find silversmithing quite enjoyable whether it’s done alone or with someone. 

The silversmithing process:

1. Creating: 

  • With just a thin strip of silver, they were required to create the shape they want using the pliers and tools provided. Challenging their creative side, the Women of Style Theory created their own unique silver pendants. 

  • Using a soldering gun, they melted the silver parts to join them together. This helps to close up any gaps or join the pieces of silver together, so their pendants are whole.

2. Refining

  • Once cooled, the piece of silver is then placed in an alum solution for about five minutes to remove any oxidation or tarnishes that might have formed. 
  • Remove the silver from the solution and wipe it dry. 
  • To refine the piece and remove any sharp edges. The Women of Style Theory had to file down the rough sides to achieve its smooth finish. 
  • For its finishing touch, they dipped each silver piece into a polish solution for added shine. 

They each chose to wear their silver creations as necklaces and left with some tips on how to maintain their new creations:

Tip 1: Polishing

Exposure to moisture often causes silver to tarnished. To polish and cleanse, you can opt for a silver cleanser, or use a D.I.Y. aluminium baking soda solution to remove the tarnish.

Aluminium baking soda solution: Add boiling water to a layer of aluminium foil and baking soda. Mix well and soak your silver piece in the solution for about three minutes until tarnish comes off. Remove and dry with a soft towel, and polish with a special silver cloth. 

Tip 2: Storage

Store your silver pieces in small air-tight ziplock bags to prevent prolonged exposure to humidity. Store your silver jewellery separately to prevent them from scratching each other. 

You may also add a few packs of silica gel to absorb moisture, which will minimise tarnishes. 

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