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Community Event: Party Makeup Workshop with Studio 54 for NARS

‘Tis the season to sparkle! To welcome the upcoming festive parties, our subscribers have gathered together for a hands-on makeup workshop in partnership with NARS. The women of Style Theory enjoyed exclusive access beyond the velvet ropes of the beauty brand’s new holiday makeup collection — Studio 54. 

Their limited-edition collection is inspired by the famed nightclub’s salacious scene — a throwback to the ‘70s disco era. Through this workshop, we discovered how to achieve a mesmerizing party look with the collection of provocative lipsticks, scintillating eye and cheek palettes, and volumizing mascara. 

The leading makeup artist from NARS did a live demonstration of a day-to-night makeup look. Transitioning from your desk-to-drinks could be as easy as adding a hint of glitter to your eyes, and completing the look with a red lip. 

Our subscribers got to try the new Studio 54 holiday collection for themselves in this hands-on session while being guided by the professionals on how to create their perfect look with some pro-tips from the professionals:

#1 Fingers are great for blending foundation

Here’s the annoying thing about applying foundation: When it’s expertly applied, it can turn your face into a perfectly even and smooth pearl, otherwise, it has the potential to highlight fine lines you didn’t know existed. 

If you’re looking to up your beauty game, it might be tempting to buy a ton of makeup brushes — but you’re actually better off using your fingers to apply products, as it might help you achieve a more blended and put-together look. 

Fingers are especially great for foundation and even other products that need to be warmed up a bit to blend. Pro-tip — always tap; never rub.

#2 Use gel-based eye products to create an intense look

We all love a good smokey eye makeup that will never go wrong for a glamorous night out. While dressing up your eyes might be tricky and complex, NARS’ makeup artist shared with us the holy grail product to help achieve that — gel-based eyeliner.

it takes a fair amount of practice to apply gel liners, but the best part is gel-based products don’t dry at the same speed as a liquid liner so you’ve got more time to get it right! With its creamy textures, it’s soft enough to apply to the eye without tugging the skin and smudge effortlessly for more smoky and dramatic eye makeup looks. 

Pro-tip: Apply the gel eyeliner close to your lash line and use an eyeshadow brush to blend it out in circular motion.

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