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Community Event: Make Up Store

In wanting to empower our Women of Style Theory with more skills, we co-hosted a makeup workshop together with Make Up Store. One of Swedish’s most sought-after cosmetics brand, Make Up Store offers more than just products; they offer classes and even have their very own academy to equip people with the skills to achieve stunning looks!

In wanting to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, the theme of Make Up Store’s workshop is Red. Whether it’s a subtle cranberry shade or a bright bold cherry red, the Women of Style Theory were taught to use the colour to empower the looks they would be going for this year. 

Our Women of Style Theory were guided through a step-by-step process of creating a makeup look. Here’s the process recommended:


1. Prepping the Skin


Before proceeding to apply any makeup on the skin, an essential step is to remove any existing makeup on your face. If it’s the first look of your day, ensure that you’ve cleansed and applied moisturiser on your skin! This step keeps your skin looking dewy and fresh. 


2. Laying on the Foundation


Once your face is ready, apply the foundation shade that best suits your skin. You might find it useful to mix a combination of two shades for a more accurate fit. The trick to keeping the base smooth is to slowly blend out the foundation and add a bit of liquid glow highlighter at the end of blending, to create a more natural radiance. 


3. Adding the Details


The next step is to add definition by filling in your brows. Everyone has a different eyebrow shape and colour. To begin, you can mark out the right points on your brow by measuring it against your nose. Once you’ve marked out the start, arch, and tail of your brow, follow by filling them in with the shade most similar to your natural hair colour. Note that the tail of your brow should always be darker than the front. 

When applying eye shadow, always prime your lids first. A good primer will ensure the look lasts all through the day. 

  • Start the base with a neutral shade, followed by blending a darker shade into the crease to add depth.
  • Add a sweep of highlighter just above the crease – usually the lightest colour on the palette. 
  • Finish your look by gently pressing a light shimmer in the inner corners of your eyelids

4. Filling in the Final Touches



Using contour powder and highlighter on strategic parts of your face will help emphasise your features.

  • Using a darker shade, brush on areas where you want to add more depth. For most people, these areas would be the sides of your nose, the jawline, the hollows of your cheeks. 
  • Using a lighter shade, brush on areas you want to highlight — commonly the nose bridge and the area under the eyes. Lastly, add a light brush of highlight or blush to your cheekbones!

Last, but not least, finish off your look with a red lip! Find a shade that suits your skin tone best, and change up the subtlety or boldness to complement the rest of your makeup!

Changing up your day look for a night look? Here’s two quick fixes that you can easily add, on top of your day look!

  • Add a darker eyeshadow shade and blend it along the outer corners of your eyelids.
  • Switch up your daytime lip colour to a more intense shade for your night look. We recommend going for a plum red or brick red, if you’re up for it!

With this session, the Women of Style Theory learnt a few new makeup tips to tackle the upcoming festivities!

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