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In the season of engaging in community-exclusive with #WomenOfStyleTheory, we co-hosted a hairstyling workshop with Lucido-L Singapore. We had the honor of inviting hairstylist Joy Oleander to demonstrate creating chic hairstyles that are inspired by Japan’s beauty trends.

Learn three charming yet easy-to-achieve styles that can go with any occasion from Joy Oleander herself!

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Short Hair: Though a popular J-beauty style, it might be difficult to maintain. To avoid a flat or messy bob, you can convert your ordinary bob to an Airy Souffle Bob. It is relatively fuss-free to achieve that look and guarantees the volume without weight.

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Medium to Long Hair: With simple techniques and a hair curler, you can go for a Romantic Soft Perm is what hairstylist Joy recommends. It’s quick and with a simple spray, it’ll remain wavy throughout the day.


If you find the perm a little soft for your liking, rocking it out with a Street style top knot may be ideal!

Apart from learning to style, here are some styling hacks that are worth that extra minute.

#1. Use Heat Protection Spray

Planning to curl or straighten your locks before heading out? Prevent unnecessary damage to your hair by applying a heat protection spray before curling or straightening.

#2. Wax It

Using some light wax helps to create volume and texture for your hair. You can go for a simple tousled look without using too much.

#3.  Spray It

It can be a struggle to maintain your curls throughout the day. But with simple application of hairspray, you can be sure it’ll stay wavy till the night!

At the end of the day, do remember to wash the products off and give room for your hair to rest. Clean hair means healthy hair! We hope you’ve learnt a few tips on how to achieve your hair goals!

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