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Community Event: Fleuriste Floral Cone Workshop

We love having the women of Style Theory gather together for fun-filled workshops! This October, we co-hosted a floral cone workshop together with Fleuriste, where our subscribers had a fun time learning more about flowers and flower arrangement. 

Fleuriste is a local floral boutique that specialises in rustic and bridal bouquets. They believe in the idea of celebrating everyday, and that no occasion is too small to show appreciation for! Flowers are one way that people portray their love and thankfulness. 

Often overlooked, preparing a bouquet of flowers is no menial task. It takes a lot of patience as well as skills to create a bouquet of flowers that you might have received on special occasions! So here’s what the women of Style Theory did to create their very own floral cone. 

#1. Picking Flowers

Participants started off by picking up eight stalks of flowers that they liked, choosing from a variety of flowers such as classic rose, baby’s breath, orchids and more. 

The instructor recommends picking a good variety of each so that there is a balance of colours and size within the bouquet.

#2. Condition The Flowers 

Upon picking all their flowers, the subscribers were tasked to condition and prep the flowers.

First, removing the ugly petals off a flower, followed by snapping lower flowers from the stalk. For instance, with orchids, there’s a need to remove any unbloomed flowers. Lastly, you prepare the flowers by lightly blowing into the top of them to open up the bloom even more. 

#3. Create The Bouquet

In creating the bouquet, there are a few steps to achieve the final look. 

  1. Position the flowers by creating a semi circle around your centre flower – 
  2. Anything tall should go towards the back of the bouquet.
  3. Avoid putting the same flowers next to each other – flowers that look too symmetrical may give an illusion of a pair of eyes staring right back at you!

The trick to create a beautiful bouquet is to mix the variety, sizes and colours, even when arranging the bouquet! The session was meaningful, fun and each participant left with their very own floral cone.

If you’ve missed this chance at our Community event or want to read want more tips and community sharing, follow us at @styletheorysg to learn the top tips from our workshops.

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