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Community Event: Fashion Sewing 101 by Fashion Makerspace

Style Theory is committed to building up our community of women with activities and workshops that strengthens the bond between our Women of Style Theory and us. With eventful workshops and talks, we hope to create an empowering environment among the Women of Style Theory as well.

This November 2019, we partnered with Fashion Makerspace, a platform for people to take up new skills on crafts and sewing. They believe in creating a friendly environment for people to learn and achieve skills in crafting and fashion sewing!

We co-hosted a Fashion 101 workshop where our Women of Style Theory learned basic skills in sewing, and creating their very own pouch with the materials provided. 

Sewing isn’t an easy task and the skills that they took away were definitely handy for the future.

Here’s what they had their hands on during the workshop:

Creating a pouch may seem so simple but it is a craft on its own and require a bit of hard (and heart!) work. Before getting their hands on creating their very own custom drawstring pouch, there were a few basic skills they had to learn first:

  • Operating a sewing machine and tools – they were given the opportunity to operate a sewing machine and use other helpful tools necessary for the sewing process. It’s important to understand which technique works best for you, so you can be comfortable and confident with the machine.

  • They also learned basic stitching techniques, including a reverse stitching technique that helps secure the ends of a  drawstring pouch. It might be difficult initially to grasp the stitching process but with the patient guidance of the friendly instructors, all it took was a few more tries to pick up the skill! 

After learning these basic sewing skills, creating their custom drawstring pouch was up next. 

  • The first step in creating anything, is visualising and outlining. In this case, the Women Of Style Theory had to draw an outline of the drawstring pouch with a stencil template provided by the studio on the fabric given. 

  • Upon achieving the layout of their pouch, they proceeded to apply the sewing skills learned earlier to stitch together their product, and finally insert the drawstring to complete their very own unique pouch! 

Little did our participants know that creating something so simple required so much focus, and even a few little pricks on their fingers! After the arduous learning process, the Women of Style Theory were able to experience making something so simple yet with much effort, which made them appreciate the hard work behind delicate, hand-made products.

If you’re interested in taking up sewing classes, or if you’ve been wanting to pick up a new skill, check out Fashion Makerspace and the workshops they have!

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