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Community Event: Festive Hairstyling Workshop With Dyson

At Style Theory, we believe community is the key to having a meaningful relationship. Building each other up and engaging in fun-filled activities is part of how the Women of Style Theory create friendships with one another and with Style Theory. 

In this festive season of giving, it’s no doubt that we’ll all be having our scheduled packed with parties and gatherings. So what better workshop to have than one that elevates our party looks! We had the honour of co-hosting a Festive Hairstyling workshop with Dyson.

If you don’t already know Dyson, they’re known for their Supersonic Hairdryer – first of its kind to incorporate air technology with absence of extreme heat to produce high pressure and velocity for fast drying. With various attachments, the Supersonic Hair Dryer is great for all hair types, especially those with sensitive scalp. In this workshop, the Women of Style Theory had a chance to test and use one of Dyson’s newest creations – Dyson Airwrap. It utilises innovative air technology to create a high velocity air spin to curl and style your hair effortlessly

In engaging with Dyson’s styling experts, we got to understand a few basic styling skills and a step-by-step process to achieving salon-worthy hairstyles on our own. It may seem like a feat, but it’s actually pretty manageable!

Here’s what went down at the workshop:


Before getting their hands on their hair, the Women of Style Theory first observed a styling demonstration by stylists from a few of Singapore’s top hair salons such as Shunji Matsuo, Salon Vim, and LeeKaJa Hair Salon. During the session, the stylist showed a live styling session using Dyson’s Airwrap to create curls on various hair types, sharing styling tips and tricks along the way 

Hands-on Experience

Our participants then had the opportunity to style their hair on their own with the guidance of professional Dyson hair assistants! During the hands-on session they were taught a few steps to achieving pretty curls:

Step 1: Divide your hair into two parts along the centre. 

Step 2: Section each part into three levels: the upper, middle and lower sections.  

Step 3: Start curling from the back and bottom while slowly working your way upwards and to the front with small sections of hair.

Step 4: For greater volume, section the top of your hair and hold the Airwrap parallel to the scalp, and move in with a zigzag motion towards your roots, with the curler lying flat on the scalp, and lift. 

Step 5: End it off with some hair oil for a healthy shine.

Some things to note while curling your hair: 

  • Push your hair to the back every time you’re done curling a section, so it’s easier and neater when you’re working on your next curl!
  • If you want to create greater volume on the top, switch up the attachment from the curling barrel to the hair brush.

Pro Tips:

We get it, we all want to achieve curls that are long-lasting! So here are some tips on how to get your curls to keep up with your busy schedule:

  • If you’re looking to create a glamorous curl, go for outwards curls. 
  • For a casual and cute look, go for inward curls.
  • Alternate between inward and outward curls to create natural beach waves.
  • Try to curl your hair at a height rather than holding the curler low. You’ll get more volume when you style it this way.
  • Use memory mists in place of hairspray, as they are lighter in texture and less likely to weigh your curls down as the day goes.
  • Curls by haircuts and textures:
    • Straight with little layers: Curls will naturally be focused towards the end. 
    • Thinner hair: When styling, go for curls tighter than you’d want them. As time goes by, it will naturally loosen into the curls you desire.
    • Layered haircuts will result in curls ending at different lengths, creating more volume and bounce.

With these tips on hair styling knowledge, we’re sure our Women of Style Theory are ready for the festive season of gatherings and parties! 

If you’ve missed this chance at our Community event, follow us at @styletheorysg to learn more from our workshops.

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