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Community Event: Craft Gins & Co.

In the season of engaging in community exclusives with #WomenOfStyleTheory, we decided it’s time to get crafty with drinks! We co-hosted a Gin Appreciation Workshop for our subscribers with Craft Gins & Co–teaching them the process of producing gin. 

But before getting into it, do you know what is the difference between gin and craft gin? As they have so simply put it, behind the art of crafting gin is  innovation, quality, raw ingredients, and a passion that comes with creating these spirits. The distillers pride themselves on creating gin that is all natural with no added preservatives.

During the masterclass, they were given knowledge of the behind-the-scenes process of how a bottle of gin is produced. And we’re happy to summarise it!

There are two ways to achieve craft gin:

Distillation – Pot:

  1. Spirit is distilled
  2. Botanicals (herbs or plants) are added
  3. Redistilled without botanicals

Distillation – Vapour:

  1. Botanicals placed in basket above a base spirit
  2. Base spirit vapourised when boiled and rises up to infuse with botanicals
  3. Vapours condenses into liquid – resulting in gin


The process may seem simple but it actually requires quite a bit of effort producing a smooth tasting spirit. 

What we loved about the class was the chance to try their unique flavoured gins! Craft Gins
& Co. carries a range of gin varying from french earl grey to wasabi–which are indeed unique flavours and unlike other gins.

These craft spirits allows a unique tasting experience, which the Women of Style Theory enjoyed!

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