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Community Event: Center Pottery

In wanting to create a fun-filled experience and engage in community exclusives with the #WomenOfStyleTheory, we held a trinket pottery class together with Center Pottery. It’s not only a hands-on but also an engaging activity that the Women of Style Theory did together. 

Making pottery is a form of art but also about enjoying the process and giving room for your creativity to present itself. Center Pottery and 3Arts was created by Joan to provide a space for pottery-making as a natural remedy. Pottery-making is known to have calming abilities and helps improve the mental wellness of people. 3Arts Pottery also make their own bowls, cups, and plates, which they sell at carnivals to contribute to good will.

Our subscribers had the opportunity to understand the process of pottery making. It requires patience and willing effort– for every pottery made, it goes through 2 rounds of firing.

Here’s how the pottery process occurs:

  1. The clay is moulded into the desired shape or object 
  2. If the clay is too thick, the potter would make a bigger hole on the inside to make it more hollow

  3. If the moulded clay is thin and small, then there’s no need to make it hollow
  4. To mould two pieces or more together, you will need to scratch the desired area with a pin tool and dampen it with a little water. An important tip here is not to use too much water at once, as that would make the clay too wet
  5. After which, you will combine the two pieces together
  6. To ensure that the two pieces will stay together, a wooden tool is used to smooth out the sides to better secure it
  7. Once the designed pottery is created, a slightly damp cloth is used to cover it–keeping it moist to prevent clay from falling apart
  8. The final product can be collected after a process of firing and glazing

With the expert guidance of Center Pottery, all our subscribers were able to dip their feet (or rather, their hands!) into the therapeutic art of pottery making.

One of our subscribers shared, “Attending this workshop allows me to bring my friend or colleague to enjoy spending time while doing an activity together. It’s the first workshop that I attended but the reason why I decided to join this is because it interests me. I’ll join other workshops in the future if they interest me as well!”  – Rachel

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