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Community Event: Bynd Artisan

In the season of engaging in community-exclusive with #WomenOfStyleTheory, we decided this time round to get crafty. Together with Bynd Artisan, we co-hosted a leather crafting workshop experience for our subscribers.

Bynd Artisan -1

Known for their expertise in book-binding and leather craftsmanship, Bynd Artisan has been in the industry for close to 80 years. They create beautiful leather goods, exquisite covers on their bookbinding, as well as bespoke leather goods with customers in the process of it.

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Our #WomenOfStyleTheory spent an afternoon with a master craftsman to learn how to create a leather pouch from scratch with artisanal leather. In coming together to create such an intricate piece, we went through the steps taken that required meticulousness and each piece created is uniquely personal.

Selecting the leather:

Bynd Artisan -2

Drawing of the outline followed by sewing and pressing it to form:

Bynd Artisan -7

Personalising the unique handmade product:

Bynd Artisan -5

Every stage of the process requires a human touch and that’s the beauty in leather handcrafting. Many were thrilled and got their first hands-on experience with leather crafting. It was truly an enjoyable and crafty session!

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