Why Circular Fashion Matters

circular fashion

Shocker: If we continue to consume fashion the way we do it now, we’ll completely run out of resources very soon. Re-evaluating its system is what fashion needs to do. While Style Theory continues to lead the renting revolution in Southeast Asia, we want to contribute more change in the way fashion is being produced and consumed – by going circular.

For a term coined 6 years ago, circular fashion isn’t a new concept. Yet people still throw out clothes soon after they’re purchased. Before understanding why Style Theory wants to go circular, you have to understand what circular fashion is. 

circular fashion

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Coined by Dr Anna Brismar, sustainability expert and founder of Green Strategy, circular fashion is defined in her own words as, “Clothes, shoes or accessories that are designed, sourced, produced and provided with the intention to be used and circulate responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible in their most valuable form, and hereafter return safely to the biosphere when no longer of human use.” 

While Style Theory continues to lead the charge in the renting revolution, we’re opening another door into the Infinite Wardrobe. One that allows you to buy luxury, while still being sustainable. Now, our community of fashion lovers have even more ways to make sustainable, and eco-conscious fashion choices.

Rent With Freedom 

When you rent with Style Theory, you have the freedom to put together countless outfits with our Infinite Wardrobe of designer apparel and bags. To look good with new styles and save a lifetime of bags and clothes from becoming landfilled or incinerated prematurely? Now that’s what we call a win-win situation!

Buy With Purpose 

At Style Theory, we strongly believe that you should have the freedom to rent what you like and buy what you love. We always encourage you to buy the basics, essentials and what you truly love. It isn’t just about buying less, but buying with a conscious purpose. 

Giving preloved designer bags or clothes a new life brings it back into the loop, preventing it from ending as waste. At the lower prices of preloved goods, you’re doing both your wallet and the environment a favour. 

Style Theory Designer Bag Wardrobe

Consign With Confidence 

When you keep your unused designer bags at home collecting dust, you’re depriving them of their second life. When you consign your designer bags with our fuss-free service, you’ll get to recoup your investment and reclaim your wardrobe space. 

Sell With Ease

If you’re ready to say goodbye to them for good, choose to sell them to conscious shoppers on our platform. You get the chance to extend the lifespan of your pre-loved designer items when you find them a new home with our community of fashion lovers. 

We believe in closing the loop and here are 4 reasons why:

1. Reduce footprint

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the textile industry’s production relies mostly on non-renewable resources. Factories harvests a whopping 98 million tonnes of raw resources per year for the use in textile production needed for fashion — that’s more than 3 million truckloads! This adds to a massive amount of carbon footprint for the industry and damaging for the earth’s environment — producing more than it can handle. 

But by going contributing to circular fashion through our platform, we can help reduce the momentum of fast fashion. Less buying would therefore, help reduce the ever increasing volumes of raw materials required in production. Eventually production needs will require less land, water and oil, helping to alleviate pollution problems too.

2. Keep waste to a minimum

A huge part of why we should move towards circular fashion is to reduce waste. The foundation found that less than 1% of our clothing are recycled into new garments. This results in the industry generating about 13 kilograms worth of waste per person on the planet — that’s a truckful of textile waste being incinerated every second. 

Circular fashion means clothes and bags are being repurposed, reused, and can be easily recycled or made with high biodegradability. 

3. Reduce dependency on raw resources

The current linear fashion consumption constantly requires new raw materials to be harvested for textiles. If this continues, Eleanor Turner, co-founder of Argent, brought a point on how the future generations will have to deal with a scarcity of these resources. It’s just a consequence of our current consumerism habit if we choose not to change anything. 

Through our circular platform, we can help to reduce the reliance on new raw resources that’s straining our environment. By renting much of your wardrobe, and buying preloved designer bags, each of us are inculcating new consumer habits that our environment will thank us for.

4. Create a more ethical work environment

circular fashion

One of the conditions of circular fashion is to have products produced in local, non-toxic, ethical and safe practices. 

This protects not only the environment but also the workers working in these conditions. A linear fashion model would require a higher quantity of hazardous substances to break down raw-materials. However, with circular fashion and reusable materials, workers are less exposed to toxic and hazardous work conditions.

Phasing out fast fashion may also contribute to better salaries and working environments for these factory workers. With little need to churn quantities of clothes in a short time, factory workers will not be overworked. 


As Southeast Asia’s largest circular fashion platform, we want to invite you to step into our Infinite Wardrobe, redefined. Now, whether you choose to rent, consign, sell, or buy a designer item with Style Theory, you’ll know that you’re doing your part to champion a new era of smart and sustainable fashion. 

Choose to buy preloved designerwear and designer bags from our Infinite Wardrobe. Shop Style Theory now!

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