Check List: How well do you know your checks?

Checks have a way of joining our wardrobe and living spaces with its versatile pattern, easy-on-the-eyes tessellation lines, and subtle yet fun break from the monochrome. While it’s simple to cast all pattern of squares as checkered, it’s important to know if your favourite checkerboard pattern is suitable for the occasion!

1. The Casual Check: Gingham Check

Gingham gif
Gingham check is easily recognised for simple crossed vertical and horizontal stripes of equal width forming squares. While the pattern can come in both large and small squares, we found that the larger the pattern (Buffalo Check), the more casual the outfit.
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Adding smaller squares–gingham check to leisurewear or off-duty looks is really easy as the symmetric print goes well with other solid patterns or on its own. You’ll notice that one colour of the allover print is always white.

2. The Stylish Check: Glen Check

glen check swatch
Glen plaid. Glen check. Glenurquhart Check. Prince of Wales Check.
The popular Glen Check pattern is easily recognisable with its large and small checks (usually houndstooth), stripes and cross-sections in the same pattern. Commonly used as menswear suit patterns, the irregular Glen Check stands out more as a business print pattern that you can easily play up with proportions and material. Glen check in wool is popular for winter wear though we simply can’t pass over pattern mixing of black-and-grey Glen Check co-ords!
Made popular by the Duke of Windsor, while he was the Prince of Wales, who wore the pattern often, it’s really easy to identify the Glen Check:
  1. Locate the houndstooth tile in the centre of the cross shapes
  2. Find the tile with wavy lines, which touch all four sides of each cross’ centre
  3. All remaining tiles have an identical geometric pattern

3. The Business Check: Windowpane Check


Conservative and widely spaced, this pattern of thin light coloured bands forming a large checkered pattern on contrasting solid coloured background is a very popular workwear. Resembling the patterns of pane on a window, the two-tone colour scheme is easy to adopt into your office wear rotation with its subtle stripes and muted background.

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4. The Weekend Check: Madras Check


If you’re bored of the regular checks, the Madras check will colour you interested. The uneven checks formed by colourful bands of different thickness crossing each other is very popular with shirting pattern and even adds a touch of quirky with vibrant colours you wouldn’t expect from other two- or three-toned patterns.

5. The Classic Check: Plaid Check


All plaids are checks, but not all checks are plaids. Similar to the Madras Check, the Plaid Check is different coloured (more muted) stripes intersecting each other. They come evenly patterned with symmetrical patterns making up checks or unevenly patterned with irregularly stripes. You’ll find the Plaid Check trendy and versatile enough to add to any wardrobe, especially when it comes to travel.

Get on board with the one print that transcends fashion trends. Find a checkered pattern that you can experiment with asymmetrical hemlines and breezy silhouettes to give your classic checks a new look. Try mixing the pattern with other prints through our fashion rental subscription and you’ll find that you can surprise yourself with pieces you already have. 

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