Borrowed from the boys: his-for-her styles


There’s something undeniably sexy about his-for-her styles. Maybe it’s the effortless chic factor or the smart play with proportions and tailored pieces, one thing’s for sure: we can’t help but raid our boyfriend’s closet and get on that new brand of “cool-girl”.

So how do you put a feminine spin on menswear? Skipping the whole boyfriend jeans and interpretations of the classic white shirt, what is it about menswear that draws us to the decidedly casual style?

We found three easy elements we borrowed from the boys: think classic menswear pieces reinterpreted for the feminine silhouette and colour palette that everyone can try, or add to their next Style Theory box!

Borrowed from the Boys: Blazers


When it comes to blazers, men typically go for simple shades of black or blue. Why do boring when you can break out of that and wear it for everyday wear or workwear? Pull it off with zero effort when you put on a plain tee or logo tee (just avoid collars!) and low-heeled shoes. Soften the structured blazer style with loosely-draped pants. If you want to amp up your borrowed-from-the-boys style, go head to toe in a simple block colour or subtle check pattern. Having a homogenous design across your outfit will instantly create a slim silhouette and elevate your style game.


Borrowed from the Boys: Pants


Real talk: What’s not to covet about functional pockets and straight-cut pants? The sexy silhouette of a pantsuit makes for a strong fashion statement in the office boardroom, and you can make it your own with bright colours, new prints or monochromatic palettes. We like jumpsuits for that feminine simplicity, especially with a simple crossbody bag for the weekends.

Borrowed from the Boys: Button Down Shirts


Traditionally men’s, now it’s anyone’s style game. While tomboy styles or unisex button downs are easy to add to your wardrobe, it might not show off your silhouette best. Rent button downs of different lengths for the occasion and play it up with different features like cross-over buttons or contrasting collars.

While you can still borrow fashion pieces from your “other” wardrobe, try making this trend your own when you rent menswear-inspired pieces that can complement your current wardrobe.

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