12 Morning Routine Hacks Proven to Boost Productivity

Mornings don’t have to be rough. While your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, you’re in the driver’s seat and have control over your mornings. A bad start to your day can bring the rest of your day down with it, so use your mornings to achieve goals, amp up the productivity, or try new amazing things.

To get you started, here are 12 routine productive hacks to get the most out of your mornings and overcome procrastination!

The Night Before

Start your morning the night before. Don’t waste precious morning time or brain power making low-level decisions. You have enough daily decisions to make, so minimize them by creating routines in the unimportant decisions.

1. Create a to-do list for the next day

Whether you’re a notebook or app person, set out three things you want to accomplish the next day. It’s easier to plan what to do after you end your day than planning in the mornings.

2. Set aside your outfit

Eliminate the decision making in the morning when you plan what to wear to work the night before. Iron and primp your outfit before you sleep to improve efficiency. It’s easier if you streamline your wardrobe and work with what you love!

3. Pre-pack your bag

Whether you work out in the mornings or take lunch to work, pre-packing helps with less fuss and rush in the mornings. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s all too easy to say “Ah, I’ll do that in the morning,” when in reality, it sets you back a good 10 or 15 minutes.

4. Use an overnight hair mask

You don’t have to compromise on your beauty regime just to get more time out of your mornings. Mask weekly and you’ll notice that there are less upkeep and frustration in the long run. Overnight sleeping masks are also popular for the busy ladies!

In The Morning

Being a morning person doesn’t mean you have to be disgustingly cheerful from the moment you wake up. It simply means that you start your day on purpose, as opposed to only waking up because you have to be somewhere.

5. Wake up at your right time

Get in tune with your body’s clock. Not sleeping enough not only makes you feel drowsy but also reduces your productivity level. It’s all about your quantity and quality of sleep. Try a sleep calculator to get ahead.

6. Turn on the light

Whether it’s natural or artificial, light is important to tell the brain that the day has begun. The brain will then signal the body to stop producing melatonin, the hormone that helps regular sleep,

7. Hydrate!

What you put in your mug matters. Drinking water in the mornings will kickstart your day and prepare your body for the day ahead. We find putting a glassful at your bedside for a fuss-free morning drink helps. Lemon-infused water, anyone?

8. Eat right

Reward yourself with a hearty first meal of the day: high-fibre carbohydrates to regulate your blood sugar levels and lean protein to keep you feeling full for longer. Fruit-o-philes can choose to add some slices of multigrain toast to go with their fruit bowl!

9. Get a vitamin regime going

If you’re not a smoothie or breakfast person, it’s important to get your daily nutrients in. Find a vitamin and supplement regime that works for you. Keep it simple.

10. Don’t neglect your skincare routines

It’s not revolutionary but bright-and-early skincare routines like a morning mask help give your skin the base hydration it needs and prep it for makeup. You’ll certainly feel more refreshed!

11. Exercise in the morning

Speaking of refreshing, there’s nothing that feels as good as a morning workout. Be it a HIIT workout or a yoga session, exercising in the morning gives energy, renews motivation, improves physical and mental stamina and increases day-to-day productivity.

12. Practice me-time

Don’t forget to take time out of your mornings for personal meditation or simply getting a read in. Before you start on the work email or social media check-ins, tune in to the news or catch up on a reading. You’ll feel differently, we promise.

By doing a few focused things daily can set the course for more productivity throughout the day. While it can be daunting to overhaul your routines all at once, simplify your current routine and introduce one new productive practice every two days.

Want to simplify getting dressed in the mornings? Plan your workwear outfits in advance!


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