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Bags Talk: Our Tools of the Trade Part II

Designer bags are like masterpieces of art — and here at Style Theory Bags, we treat them as such! Previously, in the first of our two-part series, we drilled down on the tools that our team of experts use to authenticate, track, clean, and store our inventory of over 2,000 designer bags. To close off this series, we’re diving further into the delicate art of designer bag restoration.

We sit down with our team of restoration experts at Style Theory Restore and Kaya Leathers to find out more about the tools they use to rejuvenate the designer bags that come through our studio doors:

Tool #1: Stain Reduction Tools

At our studio, we often encounter stains and marks from makeup, ink, food, and even glue. To reduce these stains, we use specialised cleaning chemicals and solvents. In this process, our experts spot-test the cleansing agents on a small and discreet area first, before using a soft brush tool to gently lift and reduce the appearance of the stains.



Depending on the bag’s material, existing condition, and how long the stain has set in, certain stains can’t be fully removed without compromising the integrity of your bag’s material. In such a case, our experts may turn to colour touch-ups to conceal the blemish, as explained in our next step.

Tool #2: Colour Restoration Tools

To conceal surface blemishes, colour transfers, or even the inevitable fading of your designer bag’s leather, a professional colour touch-up or a full-colour restoration is your best solution.

To do this, our restoration experts hand-mix water-based acrylic leather paint to match the surrounding colour of the affected area. Then, an airbrush tool is used to finely and evenly coat the colour on. Finally, our experts seal in the paint with a layer of leather coating spray for a beautiful lasting finish. 


Tool #3: Edge Restoration Tools

Edge coating is a special type of finishing which protects the edges of the underlying leather. To even out the affected edges, alcohol is used to carefully remove old and cracked edging. Next, our restoration experts hand-mix edge coating paint to the original colour of the bag’s edge coating – which is then meticulously painted on, layer by layer, with an edge roller tool. 


All designer bags that come through our restoration studio doors for servicing are also treated to a meticulous cleaning, hardware polishing, and protection treatment before being sent back in tip-top condition! You can learn more about the tools we use to thoroughly clean our designer bags here

The cleaning, polishing, and protection treatment are also included in all of our service packages as part of our newly launched restoration service. Want to learn more about the restoration service packages that we provide? Learn how our service works here, or visit our Style Theory Bags Restore website to schedule a service package to bring your closet’s masterpieces back to life!

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