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Tried and Trusted: Brie Benfell Reviews the Style Theory Bags Subscription

Welcome to Tried and Trusted, a new series where our community shares their honest reviews and experience with our designer bags rental subscription plans.

To start off the series, the beautiful Brie Benfell bares all about her journey with Style Theory: 

Name: Brie Benfell, @briebenfell
Age: 31
Occupation: Model, Actress, Owner of Ever After Events
Subscribed since: September 2019
Owns: 3 designer bags
Rented: 4 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

Before you started renting with Style Theory, you’ve purchased 3 designer bags of your own. What’s on your checklist when you’re shopping for a designer bag? 

Before purchasing any designer bag, I always wait for a couple of months to see if I really still love the bag, or if it was just an impulse “crush”. I usually make my designer purchases from the physical boutique. I tend to stay away from buying second-hand bags as I’m concerned if the bag is authentic or not!

I only purchase timeless pieces that I can use forever and pass them down to my future children – like a classic Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

 How do you maintain and care for your designer bags?

I try very hard to look after my designer bags; if I’m not using them, they’ll be in their dust bags! I have an everyday Louis Vuitton bag and I don’t put any pens inside to avoid possible ink stains. I haven’t taken it to get cleaned yet, but I will do soon!

What made you consider a renting subscription?

Renting is, to me, the best option ever for designer bags. The reasons to rent are endless. Not only do you save thousands of dollars, but you can also experiment with styles. For example, I recently rented a bright yellow Chanel that I would never in my life pay for, but I loved every second of having it! 

Honestly, my bank account can’t keep up with my ever-changing style, as well as the endless event invites I get. With Style Theory, however, I get to rent and swap different styles so my #OOTD outfits always look fresh! Basically, I am saving so much money, and I get the best of both worlds. 

 What are some of your favourite features from our app? 

The app is incredibly easy to use. Most of the time, I browse for styles from my favourite designer houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Otherwise, if I’m looking for a specific colour to match my outfit, I’ll use the colour filters to narrow down my search. 

I also appreciate the visual reference displaying what items can fit in the bag. It helps me to estimate the size of the bag before I decide to rent it. I’d be lost without it! 

As for style inspiration, I do like browsing the style curations on the home page too. Some curations really do inspire me to step out of my comfort zone.

What were your first impressions of Style Theory, and did you have any concerns as you started your renting journey with us? 

My first impression of Style Theory was 10/10. A service like this is something I wish had existed for a very long time. I did freak out thinking, “what if something happens to the bag?” But that fear went away when they came up with their insurance add-on, Style Theory Care. Then again, I know for a fact that I’m very careful with my own designer bags, so I shouldn’t need to freak out! 

Now that you’re a pro at renting, what tips can you share with your fellow subscribers?

My tip is to make sure you get a hold of the bags you want, fast. If you see a certain bag you like that’s currently available, you have to be quick to add it to your box! There are hot favourites that are always snapped up within minutes!

Will you continue to rent with Style Theory? 

Yes! Style Theory Bags has given me a kind of fashion freedom that I haven’t experienced from any other service. I simply cannot recommend it enough because you get everything you want (all the bags you see on Instagram that you’ve been wishing and dreaming about) for just one flat fee a month. 

I get compliments 24/7 on every bag, and I have a lot of envious friends! It truly is the best of both worlds – I no longer have urges to buy a designer bag as I am happy renting, and I’m helping both the environment and my bank account, haha! 

Inspired by Brie’s journey with Style Theory Bags? Join the renting revolution with her to own less and access more!

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